Rainbow Week

This week was Rainbow week!!  I am not going to lie. I LOVE when this week comes around! I just love all the colors in my room!! It's so pretty and cheery and happy!

Here is {last year's} Rainbow Week.

This year's board is pretty similar....

The Rainbow streamer idea comes from {A Cupcake for the Teacher}.

The Pots of Gold writing and craft is a freebie from {The Teacher Wife}.

I also make our Name Rainbows. This cute idea came from{ Reagan' Rainbow Namebow!} I send home "homework" for the parents to write adjectives that describe their kids that start with the first letter. When they bring them back, I write out the adjectives on some cut out strips.  I give them their cloud that I have traced out and written their name on and the strips and have them put it together.

Our stories of the week were a nonfiction and fiction book.

For the fiction book, we summarized it - and we learned a BIG lesson.... using pictures to help us! The character isn't named... nor does the book use any pronouns. So we had a BIG discussion on whether it was a boy or girl...using pictures to tell a part of the story the words don't.

Then they wrote it out on their own.  You can grab these free summary cards {HERE}. 

We also did {Rainbow Similes}. I LOVE doing these! I've been doing them for YEARS, with 1st, 2nd and 3rd graders!

We start with making lists of things that are those colors.

Then I make my own similes with their help...

and this ALWAYS brings good conversation about using the a/an articles.  This anchor chart is a freebie from {The Teacher Wife}.

Then they write their own in their learner's notebook....and after I approve it, they get the neat paper to write on. They sharpie and trace over the color words.

Then it's time to do the tear art rainbow!

Don't they look just so pretty!?!?

Another thing we do that I LOVE to do is another version of my Math with Food! This time it was {Skittles} or also known as {Rainbow Candy Math}.

I usually make "books" out these activities. I have the kids decorate the cover and then they glue it on the book. I LOVE how this girl used what she learned during our science talks to illustrate!! 

Here are some things we did in our book....it really is amazing what kind of math skills you can review using Skittles!

Click the picture below to check it out in my {TPT Store}.

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unknown said...

Rainbow week, In this week we start to visit in a school where all the students are doing best at this place. I don't understand the ninjaessay reason behind this place where you must get a perfect look on the whole week on which we are doing more work.

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