Thanksgiving and Turkey Weeks

The last two weeks have been a whirlwind of turkeys, natives, and pilgrims!  We started with turkeys. We used {Deanna's November Guiding Readers pack}.

She has a nonfiction book within the pack, so after we did some fiction fun with Turkey Trouble, we used her Nonfiction book. I usually project her books on the screen, since I can...and the kids love looking at it nice and big.  We added to our "Schema, New Learning, and Misconceptions" chart as we read.  We always add so much to the "new learning" section....and every so often, we move things over to the misconception side. I really like this kind of chart in lieu of a KWL.

We also wrote our If I was a Turkey Class book. You can grab it for free {HERE}.

And we also did a turkey preposition book. I don't do actual lessons with prepositions in my class. We just periodically write books where they use prepositions in their writing. You can grab this freebie {HERE}.

We did our Turkey Numbers. I do the pumpkins in October and Turkeys in November.  I give them random numbers and the give me the word form, tally marks, addition, subtraction, ten frames and fact families.

THEN, it was on to Thanksgiving - Pilgrims, natives, and Mayflower fun!

We used our Scholastic News magazines to help us. I kept last year's set and we used this year's set....and we got all kinds of good information!

We did the Mayflower book. This is one of my favorite activities. The idea came from Cara {HERE}, and I've just tweaked it a little here and there each year.

One day was all about making crafts for our Thanksgiving performance. We needed to make our vests, hats, headbands.... so I had some rotations going. They did a directed drawing from {Doodle Bugs Teaching} in one rotation.

They came out so cute!!

Another rotation was turkey headbands.

And painting their native vests. I had some symbols on a page they could look at to use on their vests if they wanted.

and another station was making their placemats. These are so stinkin' cute - they come from Kelley at {Teacher Idea Factory}. 

Our classroom was all set for our families to come watch our performance!

For our performance, we used Reagan's Thanksgiving Freebie {HERE}.

After the performance, while the families were still hanging out, I decided to make the turkey cookies. Sure, why not, right!? haha

The next day, which was Tuesday...our last day before break. It was time to take down the November fun and start putting up the December fun!  I had another round of rotations going.... One was the pattern blocks activities from {Little Kinder Warriors}.  They really love these! I have them ready for a quick math center, or rotation filler for these kinds of days.

Another rotation was their Class tree decorating.  I got this idea from Kelley...again. I love her ideas. She's super creative! She gives step by step on how to make the class tree {HERE}.

I had a parent volunteer in the room and she helped with the glitter station. Oh my gosh. Glitter. It's a love/hate relationship haha

Then we put the trees together to make class trees - so stinkin' cute!!

So now my room is ready for when we get back and it's December. As much as I love October and November, I love December too!


Alicia said...

Such cute ideas! I do the plate full of thanks placemat setting too. But I always make sure that everyone's place setting is set correctly before they glue it down. You don't want incorrect placesettings going home. Eeeek!

Jen R said...

haha - yeah. Someone always finds a way to have the wrong place setting.

Unknown said...

Just thought you should know that wild turkeys actually do fly. They can't fly for long distances, but they definitely fly.

Jen R said...

Yes, we talked about the "turkeys fly" thoughts.... they decided to leave it there because they meant flying as in flying long distances like small birds. Thanks though! :)

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