Monthly Class Books

So, every month (sometimes a few times a month!), I like to write {class books}.

I don't know why or how I started this, but it just became something I like to do. I really like doing it because you can really see how much they have grown in their writing. And they LOVE reading their books. I keep these books in a library bin that's JUST for class books. And when they have time to read, a lot of them pick out the books they wrote. I mean, they just LOVE to see that they are authors!

I just laminate a front and back cover - use the thick lamination. Your school laminator will keep the paper really floppy and it won't be as durable...and trust me, it will get read A LOT. Then I use my binding machine to bind it with a "comb."

This week's book is "If I Was a Turkey."

We've also done a book about our Summer. Check out {THIS} post to download the free book and to see all kinds of other goodies!

Here is our Class Rules book. I posted about it {HERE}. 

Another class book we have made is a "Our Class has Whole Body Listening" book. I made a cover for the book, but I used Erica's Whole Body Listening Freebie {HERE}.  These are just so cute! They were done in the beginning of the year and I just love seeing how they wrote. It is UH-MAY-ZING how much they have ALREADY grown!

Do you do class books? I am excited for the rest of our months! I'm going to keep them around next year so that I can read this year's books to next year's students so they can see what they wrote.

If you are interested in doing class books with your students, check out {THESE} class books in my TpT store!


Anonymous said...

I do several class books.Last year I got the brainy idea of doing one for every letter of the alphabet. (I failed, maybe completed half.) We do books for poems, like who took the cookie from the cookie jar, Mary wore her red dress, etc the first week when we are learning each others names. I actually try to do one everyday the first two weeks. The book binder and I are best friends those weeks. I hope people share some ideas on your post. I always love new class book ideas.

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