Turkey Preposition Book Freebie

This morning was a morning of learning in the Ross household.  (poor little teacher's kids...never safe! haha!)  Autumn made a book this morning - Where is My Turkey?  It's a book of prepositions.

Of course Brooklynn had to do it too... so her focus was coloring inside lines. If you knew what she USED to color like... like not even a month ago, oh boy.  We were worried. haha.  But school is doing wonders for her motor skills!  LOOK at how well she is staying inside those little lines on the barn! I'm super impressed.

Autumn is writing preposition sentences...over, under, beside, etc. 

The directed drawing comes from Jennifer over at {First Grade Blue Skies}.

And I'm really impressed with Autumn's spelling. She did it ALL herself. I don't believe in telling kids how to spell things...using their sounds.

In case you haven't noticed, we do a LOT of writing in my class. I really can't do ANY activity without having the kids do some kind of writing. I just think that writing goes with everything....Reading, Science, Social Studies. I don't teach grammar as a separate "content area." I teach it when I'm teaching them to write books...or stories...or paragraphs. 

If you want this book, click {HERE} to download it for FREE!

I also have a Penguin one {HERE}
and a Bumblebee one {HERE}
and a Spider one {HERE}
(All are freebies!)

I'm pretty sure I'll be making a Gingerbread one too. haha....and I think I'll have all the seasons covered - ha!


Amy said...

Awww, she looks just like you only mini version! One of my daughters is like that- I showed her a pic of me at her age and asked her who it was...she said "Me, but I don't have that outfit!" Ha!
I agree with you. Writing needs to be done! I think in many schools writing is becoming a dying art. Tech is important but writing is a skill we need more.

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