Seasons - Freebies!

Last week we did some fun things with learning the seasons.  

Most of our learning came from our small group books. I use Reading A-Z, so I can make the themes fit what I want usually.  And it did PERFECTLY!

After a few days of really learning about seasons, we did a craft idea on an apple tree. They kids should REALLY know the apple tree, right?!  So that's what I like to do.  I got the picture of the tree from {THIS} post. It's a JPEG download (the link is in the comments on her blogpost). After I printed it, I just used good old fashion white out to cover the season names.  They colored the tree brown, then cute apart the tree. (She has them already divided up)   

They put the pieces back together on the paper and then I had them label the seasons, IN ORDER.

Once they had them in order (they could start with whatever season they wanted), I called them back to the table to do their painting.

And now they hang in our room - and I love them!

Another activity they did was to write their book of seasons.

I suggested they talked about the weather, the plants, what they see.....

Some were a little more detailed in their writing than others... but hey, their illustrations show me they know it!

Leaf Litter!! Our phrase we learned that week from our Scholastic News. I love it!

We really talked about the trees being bare in the winter.... you know, in other states besides Florida. 

If you want this little book, you can click {HERE} to download it.

Then, to end the week. they did a "My Favorite Season" writing, where they had to write to explain why...using what they like to do, what the weather was like, what the plants did and if the days were long and hot or short and cold. And we worked on having a closing statement. They drew what they would see if they looked out their window at home.  What would be going on outside?? Then, depending on which season they picked, they glued it to that color background.

You can grab this activity {HERE}.

Living in FL, I really like stressing about the season since we don't really have seasons here. That is the one of the FEW downfalls of living in FL.


Jenni Moyer said...

Precious! I grabbed the cute class book page and I love the apple trees--very cool effect. Thanks for the wonderful ideas. I grew up in Florida but have lived in Tennessee for years and I never get enough of the changing seasons. I love it! Thanks again for the fun ideas!

Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

I would love the tree paint activity but cannot find the printable - could you share the link to where you found this from? Thanks!!

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