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I'm joining in on the fun linky that one of my favorite blogging friends (whose a real life friend now!) is having - called AssessME.

So here's a fun little questionaire about myself.


talking to myself..I do it ALL.THE.TIME.  Maybe it's because I like to talk things out so the make sense... or maybe it's because I'm the only person that listens to what I say?! ha!

Let's talk about hungry. I am always  hungry. Thankfully, I have learned how to eat healthy, so I get to actually eat more and it's what I'm supposed to do - haha! #winwin

Ahh - the television. It's always on. It is more in the summer than during the school year. Only because I like to have my favorite shows on in the background.... Law & Order SVU, Blue Bloods, Beauty and the Beast (my new favorite!), but once school starts, I only really get to watch/listen to it after the kids go to bed and I've worked out.

Showering. This is bad... but I don't actually remember the last time I's been a few days. But I do remember thinking that day..  you know what!? I just showered and now i'm in the pool. What a WASTE of shampoo and conditioner! haaha! The products I use aren't cheapy brands you can get at the store, so I really don't like wasting them....knowing that the pool or beach is inevitably in my future for that day. lol The school year is a different story. A shower every day - sometimes twice! I know.. I'm weird like that.

ahh.. Disney. I SUPER love Disney!  We go at least once a month.

It's where I got to meet up with Rachel last month!

and every time we go, I have to have a Mickey bar.

And this might be my new favorite picture of us at Disney. Brooklynn's favorite is Tinker Bell. But she was so shy, she couldn't express her happiness. lol

yes - I love wearing my glasses!! I know, I'm weird. But I just started wearing them, like right after Caroline was born.  You can see her sleeping ...

annnnnnd.... NO! I do not live in the same state I was born in. I mean, c'mon. I was meant to live in Florida...I was born in West Virginia. And while WV is a beautiful state, it does not have any beaches. And that, my friends, I can not do. 

So, there's me ....

Go check out the others over at Rachel's blog


Mrs. Ashline said...

Swimming in the pool will ALWAYS be close enough to showering.

Mrs. Ashline's Rules

Unknown said...

I always take multiple showers a day on school days. Too many germs not to take one at night!

Rachel Lamb said...

Gosh, I shower like every 2 or 3 days at this point! And the Disney question was for you my love!

Mrs. Wiley said...
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Mrs. Wiley said...

I am always hungry too. Snacking throughout the day is the only thing that keeps me from getting "hangry". Yay to wearing glasses! I just got glasses for the first time last September and I love wearing them. Swimming in a pool sounds lovely right about now. Thanks for sharing.
@ Wiley Teaching

Amanda Kendall said...

What a fun linky. I loved learning more about and seeing your pictures from Disney. Why shower when there is a beach, lol. Seems like a much better use of time to play in the waves. :)

Positively Learning said...

What a fun read and cute pics!
I loved your "thank goodness!" I feel the same way, however I do also think I belong in Florida! We are up to 4 visits per year now (we have family) and are looking to retire there (in about 16 years, but who's counting)! Jen

FabandFunin4th! said...

Finally, I found someone that shares the same views on showering during the summer as I do!! I was starting to feel really gross as I read soooo many blogger's assess me that said they had showered today! It's the summer, swimming totally counts as a shower!


Jim B. said...

You maybe surprised to learn that it wasn't coincidental that you got your first glasses glasses during pregnancy. I'm a retired optician and about 50% of the time becoming pregnant will result in your eyesight being changed. Meaning for those young ladies that already wear glasses they will need an increase in their glasses and those young ladies that always were able to brag about their perfect eyesight they will be getting their first glasses. Am i correct in assuming that your now "nearsighted?" That's the way everyone's eyes are effected. Being pregnant will never cause anyone to be farsighted.

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