October Centers!

Yay! I'm finally finished with my October themed activities! These might be my favorite version of all my packs so far - I just LOVE October!! So many great themes!! I just wish FL actually had a FALL season so it could feel like the REAL October. Oh well.  Pretending will have to do I guess - ha!

First off, I finished the Label It! pack for October - there are a lot of themes in this month's pack:

 13 different pictures for Columbus, Football, Fire Safety, Pumpkins, bats, spiders, and Halloween

If you haven't seen my pack before, here's what's included...

You could extend the labeling pictures and add in a writing activity OR you could use the writing pages as separate activities to go with any of your lessons in class.

Also, I FINALLY finished the 1st Grade October centers

These are meant to be review centers; skills that they've already been taught so that you can pull for small groups without worrying about "teaching" the skills in the centers!

Themes included in this month's pack: pumpkins, jack-o-lanterns, bats, spiders, and fire fighters, Halloween.

Centers included in this 140 page packet:

Word Work:Label a Picture (2 versions of 2 different pictures)Beginning Sounds - Clip and WriteSeptember Poem with Task Cards

Grammar:Reading Clues - Adjectives (matching)Match a SentenceAdjectives

Reading:Read and IllustrateSequencing - Main Idea and DetailsSight Words

Writing:Sentence ScrambleStretch a SentenceBe an Author

Phonics:Spin-a-Word - Short vowelsBuilding Words - Short vowelsWord Families -op and -ot


Story Structure
Summarzing (SWBSF)
Summarizing with writing it out
Thematic Writing Paper
Problem and Solution
Evaluate the Story

The Math Centers include activities for each domain of the CCSS:


Roll-a-Problem - Addition Problems (doubles)
Related Facts (Commutative Property)
Balancing Act: Addition
Word Problems
Rolling Numbers
Spin-a-Number: Counting by 10s
Comparing teens
Missing Numbers on a Hundreds Chart
Place value - tens and ones
Decomposing Numbers
10 Frames
Number Recognition - Tally Marks
MD and G:
NonStandard Measurement
Time to the Hour (and half hour option)
Coin Recognition

Click any of the pictures to check out the packs. You can get the packs in the BUNDLE separately if you only need the ELA or the MATH.

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