Peek at My Week! 9.15

 OK, I'm going to give this Peek at my Week a whirl again!

I doubt I'll be able to keep up with it, but you never know! ha!

This week is all about Little Red Hen. It's actually quite perfect because our phonics rule this week is short e. Perfect, right? Yeah. I planned it that way. Sure, I did. ha! Anyway, here are some books that I like to use during this week:

  There are way more, but that's what I have on hand...and some of my favorites!

I didn't go into detail about our phonics poem on each day, but you check out my schedule for our phonics poems on {THIS} post.  This week's poem comes from {THIS} book.

So here it is for this week. Click on the pictures to download it as a PDF and  you can click on the links in the PDF to find where to get some of what I'm using. (If you download them, make sure to leave some love!)

For math this week, we're reviewing and exploring math addition strategies using my Deck of Cards Pack. I've had my grades 2-4 version for a few years, but I needed some 1st grade skills, so I just made and uploaded my 1st grade edition! I LOVE it! I can't wait to get my binder set up for it as my grab and go resource! It's one of my favorite things...ever. Hands down.

And for Writing, I'm going to be using a LOT of one of my favorite ladies... Kelley from Teacher Idea Factory. She just made her Super Sentence pack, so of course I snagged it up and started planning with it right away!

And to get us ready for our Hands-On Learning with Apples Week next week, I'm starting off with some writing from A Cupcake for the Teacher's Johnny Appleseed pack.

For the centers, click on the pictures to see where I got them from! I'm using a combination of my September Literacy pack and Label It! pack and some goodies from "friends!" I'm coming back to share my UPDATED "How We Do Centers" post. But for now, you can check out how I do them {HERE}. I'm really excited about how we've "grown" into our centers routine!

Check out my newest additions to my store, both of which I'm using this week!

So many reading and writing activities to go along with Little Red Hen!

And this little pack is my SAVIOR in the classroom. I am constantly using this pack for lessons, small groups, centers, and fast finishers... or those times where you just need some time to readjust and take a This pack has OVER 20 ideas for math activities!


Kelley Dolling said...

Thanks for the love my friend. I hope your sentence writing lessons are a success :) Hugs!!!!

Unknown said...

please follow me on i need help to be succesful like you... greetins! and thanks!

Hsawyer29 said...

I absolutely love your center organization! Is it available for purchase (numbers and center labels)? I am also wondering if it is editable? And... how do you go about letting the students select their station(s) for the day? I can't imagine that they all go at once and I can see my students rushing through morning work to select their "favorite" one. Thanks so much for sharing your hard work and organization.

Jen R said...

Hi there!
This post might be able to answer some of your questions :)

Hsawyer29 said...

Thanks! It did help! I think I read it before but missed the Q & A part! So, do you have the menu and center labels available for purchase?

Unknown said...

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