More Cats, m&ms, and Making Ten

Last we was our Splat the Cat week. We did a lot of fun things, but I actually didn't have ANY time to take pictures. 

Because I'm SO busy, I barely have time to go to the bathroom.  Seriously. I think I block out the beginning of every year from my brain because every year I forget how exhausting the beginning of the year is. 

Ok. Back to Splat. We did a lot of activities from my Splat the Cat pack, and our main focus was learning how characters react to events or change throughout the story.

Our final "project" was the Before & After of Splat the Cat and then they did Reagan's Splat craft from her Christmas Writing pack.  I don't have a crafty bone in my body, so I always look to my friends for the crafts! ha!

I have to show you just in case you don't follow my IG account. I posted a picture of my cat books... first we did Pete the Cat and then the next week we did Splat the Cat.  I guess you could call me The Cat Lady - ha!!  AND I guess you could say that I have a slight book addiction - haha!

In math, we were working on ways to represent numbers.  We did Reagan's freebie 10 Circle Map.


And we ended our week doing my m&m Math pack. We didn't get a chance to do the writing or science part that day, so I'm saving some of the candies for another week!

I sent home this month's Family project last week, and I've already gotten some back! Here's one of my favorites. And yes, I do have my students do the writing part each month. I figure this is also a good way for the parents to see how well their child is doing with writing. wink, wink


AND I've gotten ready our Apple Day/Week books! I had a parent copy and make books for my class and I'm sending home the Volunteer/Donation paper next week. I've finally taken all the activities I do each year and put them into one pack. And then I had to make a few changes to the activities so that they worked for 1st grade too. lol. So now, the pack is good for 1st and 2nd! 

Whew! No wonder I'm so exhausted!  Look at all that! And we've got a lot going on this week too!  

Ok. I must go dive into some dark chocolate ice cream with a river of fudge and dark chocolate chips. Yep. It's been one of those weeks... already. It's the darn full moon! 

Click the previews below to see any of my packs in this post.


Unknown said...

Yay I love teaching with you! :) Thank you for making my day!

Paige said...

I am so very jealous of your intense Pete/Splat collection. You could say I'm a cat lady myself :)

Paiges of Learning

Unknown said...

So glad other people have book racks that are overflowing like mine! My book addiction knows no bounds. ;)

Nicole Heinlein said...

Your monthly family projects look awesome! And thanks for sharing Reagan's freebie lessons - somehow I missed this post last year!

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