New Behavior System

I'm not a clip chart fan.

Not because I don't like the clip chart...but because what I have been using for the last 10 years has worked for me.

BUT, at my new school, the whole school has to use clip charts.


I had to concede to this new way. (don't yell at me Teeny!)

I was racking and racking my brain.... I've been doing that a lot lately. I had to do that with my book levels too! Man, my brain is SO tired. lol.

I finally came up with something. It's a mixture of the clip chart, my old ways, and Teeny's ideas. This was the first week that I fully implemented it, so I feel comfortable sharing with you now.

'Cause you know.. I don't want to show you things that I end up not liking - ha!

So, here is my NEW behavior plan. 

I really didn't like having the big clip chart in the front of the room for everyone to see. That's just me though. Don't start yelling at me. lol

BUT, luckily, one f my fave girls, Rachelle, had just posted her personal clip chart pack!  So I immediately scooped it up and started printing, gluing, laminating, and cutting!

I was going to have them keep it in their desk pocket, but then I got the desk park thingies that Teeny kept taunting me with, and the fit perfectly in there behind their name tag. AND the little clothespin can also clip it to their name tag, which holds it up. This is great because 
first - they can't lose it
and second - I can quickly see where everyone is on their colors as I walk around.

Ok, so HOW IN THE WORLD was I going to make this work in my room?? Well, I'm kind of doing a mix of the clip chart and my old way... AND a little bit... ok, a lot of Teeny mixed in!

I will get into my way in a little bit. First up... Teeny's contribution.

What you see in the picture (below) are some green tags and a mystery person card. 

Well, for every day that the kids land on a green, blue, or purple they get a green tag. These green tags are just green cardstock that I laminated....I used the good cardstock, not construction paper and I used my good laminating, not the school laminating. I want these suckers to last all year! lol

I had the brilliant idea of making blue and purple tags and making them count for more "tabs" (don't worry...I'll get to that later). So green would be 1 tab, blue would be 2 tabs, and purple would be 3 tabs... BUT I think I was still in my 2nd grade mind...I don't think my little firsties would be able to handle that just yet.

Ok. So for every day they END their day on a green, blue or purple, they get a a green tag. Teeny calls them golden tags, but since I'm using a clip chart, I figured I'd better stick with the whole color thing.

AND if they are the Mystery Person for the day, and they ended their day on green, they get ANOTHER green tag. The Mystery person came from Teeny too.

They keep their green tags for the week in their desk pocket with their team job card.

Then, this is where I veer away from Teeny (bye, friend!) and go back to my old ways.

On Friday, we count how many green TAGS they have...that's how many green TABS they get. I know, I really have to enunciate the taGs and taBs. It's confusing.

They write their number on the green tabs.

ALL the green tabs go in the bucket...and then I pull out 5 tabs (well, 5 students...Sometimes the same number gets pulled out more than once, but they don't get another prize).

What's the prize??

A prize from the Prize Pass catalog that I got from Christie a few years ago. She has it as a freebie on her blog! I've had it in the same folder for 3 years now. I love it! I just need to print off a few prize passes every so often because some of my little friends like to lose the passes or somehow dowse them in water or something. lol. Whatever, that's a cheap replacement.

I really don't like the treasure chest idea because I don't like having to buy things for it all the time... so this is like THE perfect solution!

Ok, so talking with my teammate the other day...she does the money system... where you earn money for your clip chart behavior.

Well, we came up with the brilliant idea of placing a price tag on the prize pass catalog! You can get those little price stickers from Wal-Mart or whereever and stick them in the corner of the page so the kids know how much each prize is worth.

SO if you wanted to do Show and Share, that'd be 40 cents...or Stinky Feet?? That'd be 30 cents. So you can still incorporate it in so many different ways.

So even though I have to use the clip chart, I've made it my it doesn't really feel like I'm using the clip chart. haha.


Unknown said...

I love this! Thank you so much for sharing. I have been struggling with what I wanted to do with my behavior management program in my room and this post was SO helpful!
Do you send something home with the mystery student? If so, would you be willing to share it? I saw something that could be sent home for the secret student that was on the other blog that you shared.

Innovatecreater said...

Thank you for your post and for giving me pause reconsidering my system - a version of the clip chart. I am also happy to learn of A Teeny Tiny Teacher blog.


Rachelle said...

The way you have them keep their behavior clip charts...SOOOO DANG SMART!!! I love everything about this post! I'm actually reading it again after I post this comment because only some of the pictures loaded while I was reading it the first time (I have the SLOWEST internet every). LOVE THIS AND LOVE YOU!

Cheryl said...

I read your post, earlier this summer, about getting away from the Clip Charts and I have decided to do as little with it as possible. I really like this idea of combining the prize book. I'm definitely incorporating this! I've spent waaaaay too much money on prizes. lol! So do you have a post for the punch cards? I'd love to purchase them, too.

vicky1970 said...

Hey Jen - I love how you made it work. I love mystery person, I've been using it for years and it even works with my new third graders. Hope you are enjoying your long weekend!
Teaching and Much Moore

Rachel Lamb said...

I use the same prizes! love them!

Brittany Long said...

I can't seem to find these individual clip charts. I found some similar but I like these better. Is there a link that can take me to these?

Lisa Harris said...

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