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So one of my BIGGEST pet peeves is that kids don't put their names on their papers....EVER!! I have tried everything from throwing away work to taking off "points."

But THEN, I thought of something one day that has made this whole "no name on your paper" thing SO MUCH BETTER!!

I hand out their papers, then after about 2 or 3 minutes, I will say "Put a heart next to your name and circle your number."  It changes every time I say it, so they never know what I'm going to do. This one was to put a star next to their name. 

You can see in this picture that these 2 different assignments have 2 different things that I've told them to do. One was to put a star next to their name and circle their number, and one was put a heart next to their name and underline their number. 

Here's another one where I said to put a heart next to their name.

It is really a fool-proof way to make sure names are on papers! AND no one really gets in trouble. IF I've walked around beforehand and saw that only a handful of kids had originally put their names on their papers, then I will give them a star on their card. 

Check out {THIS} post to see what I mean about using numbers. Numbers REALLY make my life SO much easier! You need to read that post.
Check out {THIS} post to see what I mean about putting stars on their cards! It shows that I use stamps, but I now just put stars on them. (this post is from about 3 years ago, so don't laugh at my pictures! lol)

Also - check out Jamie's post about how she manages student work being turned in. (click the picture)

Hope this is something you think you can use!

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Jennifer said...

Great idea!!
Rowdy in First Grade

Stephanie @ 3rd Grade Thoughts said...

Love this idea!! I'm with you-- it's like pulling teeth sometimes to get their names on papers. Can't wait to try this out :) Thanks!!

3rd Grade Thoughts

Unknown said...

Brilliant! I'll be starting this on Monday!!

Tania said...

Why is writing their name the hardest thing...ever?! It drive me bunkers. I am so pinning this idea, and trying it as soon as I go back to work. Thanks so much!!!
My Second Sense

Miss Kindergarten said...

So so smart!!! Even tho my kiddos put their work straight into their cubbies after I check it, I STILL get on them about their names! Gotta instill the habit early on ;)

Rachel Lamb said...

clever, clever!

Elementary Stories said...

It drives me crazy when I find papers with no names! I have used the same trick of having them draw something near their name and it really does work! We change it up every week and at least one of my kiddos is guaranteed to say " don't forget to draw a ____ next to your name!" They love it! ~ Lisa

vicky1970 said...

Jen - this is super smart - just like you! Love it.
Teaching and Much Moore

Mallory Weeks said...

I AM DOING THIS! This problem could seriously drive me over the edge. Never again! Thank you for sharing this brilliant, simple idea.

Nicole Heinlein said...

So simple, it's genius! Thanks, Jen! :)

Kate @ EduKate and Inspire said...

Love this idea!! Will be trying it on Monday! :)

EduKate and Inspire

LB said...

I always do this.. The novelty of drawing gets them everytime!

Sarah Paul said...

I love this idea! What a positive way to get kids to put their names on their papers. Otherwise, yes, it makes me crazy and not so positive;)
Sarah's First Grade Snippets

Erica said...

This is brilliant! Love it!

The Blossoming Teacher

Miss DeCarbo said...

Oh I'm so using this tomorrow!! :) It's great!! :) Thank you!

Unknown said...

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Taking on Second said...

I LOVE this! I hope I remember it when school starts in August! Great thinking:)

Unknown said...

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debbie critchelow said...

My kiddos have a hard time remembering to write their name on their paper also, so last year, I started singing a song at the beginning of the year and as the year went on, they began to chant it with me as I gave out papers. The song was...The first thing I do is always the same, I pick up my pencil and write my name!
They absolutely love it!!!

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