This week, we're starting in our Cinderella unit. I LOVE doing this unit. I have done Cinderella for about 6-7 years of my old teammates got me hooked on it years ago. I usually read a book a day for about 2 weeks....and I keep all of my books out on the display. 
Here are some of the books I have on display for my kids to read...and that I read aloud to them.

and a few more...

and here are some GREAT "Around the World" books that I like to read...

One of the ways I like to try and get the students excited about reading the books is to do Cinderella Bingo! This worked really well as an independent activity when I taught 3rd grade, but in 2nd grade, some of the books can be a little too hard. But those are usually the ones I read aloud, and then my lower kids take a quiz from that and my higher kids will usually reread the books on their own and take the quiz.

If you want the Bingo board, click on the picture to download! You might not have all of the books I have listed on there, but you can use it as an example...or just be like me and become a book hoarder! haha!

Also, if you're interested, you can check out my Cinderella Fairy-Tale pack on TpT!


Mrs. Wheeler said...

Teaching fairy tales is so much fun! We usually go to see a play but this year we didn't.

Mrs. Wheeler's First Grade

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