13 in 13 linky!!

I'm linking up with some of my favorite people (seriously...these 3 people are SO sweet and awesome - I love them!) to do the 13 in 13 linky!!

I'm currently sitting here watching my 2nd all-time favorite movie because my number 1 is nowhere to be found - boo!

That would have to be my Lauren Conrad Jean. seriously. They fit like a GLOVE. I have a "tire" around my waist and I don't like low rise jeans that acentuate that, and these go high enough over my tire and I LOVE them!! I got them from Kohls...

(note -that is NOT my toushy...lol)

well, if you know me IRL, you know that we don't have any family here, so going out without the kids is a RARE occasion, since I have to pay an arm AND a leg to the babysitter since we have 2 kids. lol. BUT, we did manage to go see a few movies...one of which was the hunger games, but the other one was Frozen (with the kids...lol)....can I tell you, I LOVE Frozen??

oooh... I have so many favorites...none that I REALLY watch though...lol. 

I really can't decide....


Law & Order SVU? (I met the original cast in real life up in NYC before!!)

Major Crimes?? only because I LOVED The Closer

I DON'T KNOW!!  Do you see a trend? They're all mysteries! lol

Hmmm....well, once again, hubs and I rarely get to go out, but I really think my little local place on the beach is one of my favorites!

It's a little hole in the wall, but I LOVE it! It's pretty busy most days. 
I could eat a burrito EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

hmmmm....what have I tied that was new???

OH! We got a new VAN!!! well, new to us, anyway. I said goodbye to my 10 year relationship with Vickie the Vue (which was bittersweet) and got ourselves a van.

(photo taken by my 4 year old...lol)

Oh geez....well, it MIGHT be the gift I'm getting tomorrow.

Seriously ya'll, I am THE worse when it comes to gifts. I will hunt, sniff out, sneak, whatever I have to do. I can't STAND not knowing....I've even perfected the art of unwrapping so you can't tell I haven't unwrapped it...lol NO, it hasn't gotten any better since I'm an adult. My parents used to actually TAPE my bedroom door shut on Christmas Eve...lol but, shhhhh...don't tell my husband. 

hmmmm.... let me go check...
OH!! This one is...

This one one of my FAVORITE sayings, but more importantly, this is MY beach!! I love it!! And thank you to the talented Lyndsey for adding your talent!

Oh gosh....

I have NO idea.


maybe THIS one???

that's a hard one! lol

wow. from past years, my accomplishments this year kind of pale in comparison. But I will go with my accomplishments are that I have found friends that are truer than true...that make me (and my family) feel like part of their family. While I have a lot of friends, finding THOSE friends that will last a life time are hard. So I'm thankful for finding those this year!

SO MANY!!! but these 2 that were taken in the last week, MIGHT just be my favorite!

These are my girls...and the beautiful Florida scenery!

Me and my best. Happy that it's winter break!


And this is a close 2nd!  Our first day of summer break - at the beach with drinks in our hands1

My favorite memory??? Any time one of my girls laughs and giggles!! Seriously. It just makes my heart melt to hear them laugh. BEST sound in the world!

To be the person I want to be. There are a few people in my life that I just watch and say "I wish I were more like him/her." for various reasons...not jealousy, not envy, but just because of how they act. It's like that saying....It's not your beliefs that make you a better person, it's your actions. 

BREATHE.  This was my word last year. and I STILL need to remember this - especially with two little tornados running around...creating havoc everywhere.

Merry Christmas EVE everyone!!!

We'll be heading to the beach tomorrow to build our traditional sandmen ....since we don't have snow to make snowmen. 


Rachel said...

Holy cow! Those are my two favorite movies I've watched! I've seen each of them twice and I'm planning on going again! :)

A Little Bird in Third

Holly said...

I remember you're a present sneaker too...I'm the same darn way, but as the years go by, I peek less and less. Although...this year, after my boys wrapped their presents for me, I noticed they left a receipt on the floor...I looked at it. I couldn't help myself and I'm SURE you understand! ;)

Merry, Merry - Friend!

And lots of hugs too!

Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade

Shawna said...

I love that picture of your girls, I love that they are in silhouette! Looks like your 2013 was pretty good!
The Picture Book Teacher's Edition

Nicole Heinlein said...

Ok, we are seriously TWINS!!!
1. I miss my van, it was the best.
2. That quotes about salt water is my fav.
3. Frozen was the best movie I've seen n along time. I bought the soundtrack and Audrey and I sing along at the top of our lungs. It's the best!
4. We would be the best beach buds, I know it!
5. I'm watching Revenge right now! :)

Jen R said...

Girl...you and I, at the beach, kids in tow, drinks in hand, BEST past time ever :)

Traci @ Dragonflies in First said...

That shadow pic of your girls is my absolute favorite! I hope it is large hanging somewhere in your house!

I am definitely NOTE a present "peeker". I peeked one year when I was little and it ruined EVERYTHING - so now you could tell me that my present is sitting unwrapped, in a bag on the kitchen counter and I will still NEVER look.

LOVE YOU! Thanks for linking up. I hope the remainder of your 2013 is absolutely fabulous :)

Miss Foote said...

Love the Florida pic of your girls.
Chickadee Jubilee

Unknown said...

Hi Jen,
I love SVU too! I've been watching all the Law&Orders since I was a little girl...hope it never ends!!
Love your winter break photo...it made me giggle cause I felt the same way!
Happy New Year!
Proud to be Primary

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