Updated Penguin Pack!

I just updated my Penguin Pack! 

This is one of my most favorite studies that we do! I always save it for January, and we usually take the whole month. We usually take about two weeks for the reading skills, both fiction and nonfiction, and the rest of month we are finishing our book writing. 

So here's how I updated the pack....

I added more pages to give more choices for Tacky books. Now, instead of just summarizing, there are choices for character analysis, story structure, problem and solution, evaluation, text connection, compare and contrast with Tacky Books, and comparing fiction and nonfiction books. There are even some rubrics for their writing.

Here are the books for Tacky the Penguin that you could have in your library for the kids to read.

Here are some other penguin books that you could add in to your penguin library!  I also added more pages for learning with non-fiction books! I also added in vocabulary cards and my student vocabulary book. 

For the Non-Fiction part of the pack, I added in vocabulary cards and a student vocabulary booklet. There are also pages to summarize non-fiction books.

Here are some books that you can use for your non-fiction book study!

This was one of my favorite units that I did last year. The students loved it! My favorite part is how they dd their own research to plan for their books that they wrote!

I like to do the insta-snow in January too. A lot of my students have never seen snow, so they love it!

 We also did the blubber activity where we put our hands in ice water and then again, but using a blubber glove. They REALLY liked this activity.

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Nicole Heinlein said...

So fun!! Thanks for sharing :)

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