Gobs of glue, paper, and glitter!

Ha! That's what December's all about, right!? How much glue, glitter, and construction paper can one use!? It kind of reminds me of Reagan's post from a few years ago...Top 10 Reasons You Know Christmas is Near. I think this is when it solidified that I was bonified stalker of hers....I just love this girl! (but don't go to read it yet! Wait until AFTER you read this post...lol!). Here's my Top 10 Reasons :)

Well, that's aside from the MANY assessments that we're doing to wrap up the 2nd quarter. Holy cannoli! Can you say BUS-Y?!?! Seriously. As fun as December is, it's a little more stressful than it's worth - between work and home, I'm plum tuckered out! lol

Let me do a little catching up....ok...maybe more than a little!

We've been watching Santa and his reindeer on reindeercam.com We actually had a sighting! Which was perfect because that's the day we started our Santa Letters.

(Freebie on THIS post)

And today, they got their letters FROM Santa in the mail. I had my assistant principal bring in a mail package with them in, and she did SUCH a good job telling them about the delivery man. I seriously had tears in my eyes when I saw how excited the kids were! So worth it!

We also did our ornaments to put on our tree, which they then take home with them. I love these - they are always such a hit. AND they usually get to learn a new skill - SEWING! I buy the plastic craft needles and string yarn through them and they sew the holes. 

I just love how they turn out!

It hasn't been all fun and games. I have done nothing but assess for the last TWO weeks - ORFs, Running Records, District tests - reading, writing, math (which also has a one on one component), science, and social studies. UGH. 

Usually, while I was testing math, I pulled out some activities from my Math with a Deck of Cards pack, and they got to have fun with that....they mostly did 2-digit addition....

and some even moved on to 3-digit addition! They were so excited!

Some of my favorite things we've been doing in our literacy centers and small groups, is using Christina's Fall Text based evidence passages.  I love them! I already have her Winter ones. I have been using her packs for a few years, one of my first purchases on TpT. And I still love her! 

We've also been using Kelley's Bakin' up Adjectives. It's one of my favorite things to do during our gingerbread week.

We also did a writing about Reindeer...we read some non-fiction and then after planning, we did a little writing. Grab some freebies from THIS post. The writing paper, I made and the reindeer are from Abby's Spelling for All Seasons. I also did a little cute activity from the story, Santa's Stuck. 

I got the idea from someone A LONG time ago. I don't remember who it was from. 

They had to come up with what solution THEY would come up with to get Santa UNstuck. Some of the responses were SO cute!!

The last 2 weeks we've been doing some of my Holiday's Around the World. It's taking a lot longer than usual because of all our testing that we're doing, BUT, so far we've gone to Israel, Sweden, Mexico, and Italy. Their passports and crafts are turning out sooo cute!

This week, we're doing a lot of my centers from my 'Tis the Season packs.

Ok, I think that's it?? For now....that's all I have pictures for anyway. lol. 

The other day, the family and I went to Disney, and we had a blast! Although, it's exhausting going with an (almost) 2 year old. lol.

I think this is one of my new favorite pictures!!

Hope y'all have a great last week of 2013 school year!!


Unknown said...

ah I love it all!! :) Thank you Jen for the shout out!

Shelly Sitz said...

Students always love using glitter! It makes everything so pretty. I will have to watch the reindeer cam tomorrow. My students will love it!

Smiling and Shining in Second Grade

Miss DeCarbo said...

Awe thank you so much for the shout out!! You are so so sweet!! Looks like despite assessments your kids are having a blast!! :)

Unknown said...

Wow! I'm exhausted just reading this post. Love the stuck Santa idea and incorporating problem solving into it all. As an Occupational Therapist homeschooling Mumma I highly approve!! Lol! Thanks so much for sharing.

Kelly said...

Glitter makes even the sloppiest coloring look beautiful, doesn't it?
I can't believe how much you accomplished in such a short time. I have to just try and fit a few things while staying on track with my pacing guide. Not near as much fun:(
I'm Not Your Grandpa, I'm Your Teacher

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