Centers and Notebook-ing and Winners!

Today was a non-stop jammed packed kind of day! In math, our number for the week is 87, and today was the fact family and other addition/subtraction sentences...and when we do the bottom math problems, I always have them do 10 and 20 more and less. Well, today the number took us to a 3-digit number, and they did so great! They got that they were still only adding 8 and 2 which was 10, and most of them realized that 10 tens made it 100! I was so excited!

(check out THIS post to see more about my Numbers Every Day folders)

We also started our new round of math centers. 

These next few centers come from my Math with a Deck of Cards pack. 
Check out THIS post to see more about it!

Working with 2 digit numbers doing 10 and 1 more and 10 and 1 less

Subtraction War....

Addition war...

These next few centers are a freebie from my visual plans, the kids LOVE doing QR codes. These codes were just for them to check their work....nothing too fancy, but it kept them busy for me to be able to walk around and work with everyone at the centers. 

Place Value... 

and even and odd numbers.

(Go to my visual plans post to grab these freebie centers)

Also, today, we started our Long Vowels section in our phonics notebooks and dictionaries

(see THIS post to see how we set it up earlier in the year)

I had them leave a lot of space because we're going to be adding all the different ways to spell those long vowel sounds. We kind of did a making words activity, where I would give them a word and then they had to think of a word that was like that word (like changing one letter to make the next word) and they wrote it down in their journals. 

We also went through the dictionary portion of their notebooks and highlighted or wrote the spelling and sight words for the week. If the word is already typed there on the paper they glued in, then they highlight it, and if it's not, then they write it in. I have come to LOVE these resources. It is the one book they KNOW to use their dictionary before they come up to me to ask me how to spell a word. If they didn't find it in there, then they bring their notebook and a pencil to me so I can write it in there for them. I love it! As time goes on, I'm getting ideas on what to add and what to change for next year, so I know this will be updated by the end of the year.

And FINALLY, our giveaway winners!!!
Kristen and I have picked our winners for our Spider pack giveaway!!

Congratulations to:

Rosemary picked by Kristen
Ashlie B from my post!! We will be emailing you!

If you didn't win, but you still want it, my pack is on sale until Thursday night!

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Mrs. Lovelace said...

Hi! Checking out your blog for the first time!

I've never used QR codes as we don't have iPads in the classroom, but what a great way for them to check their work! I've used a very low-tech "answer binder" and it's amazing how diligent even the little ones can be checking their work. :)

One, Two, Three: Math Time

P.S. Aren't those dry erase "green sleeves" the best?!

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