Reindeer writing

Happy Monday!!

I must say, as far as Mondays go, this was a pretty good one! 

I've started on our gingerbread week and am super excited about the things we're working on already!

I wanted to (FINALLY) show you what we did for our writing part of reindeer week...

After we read books and watched videos on Discovery Learning (paid for us by the district),

we filled in the organizer (found in my freebie pack!)

Then they chose their favorite fact from each box to write about on their writing sheet

(also in the freebie pack)

(she was sure to explain to me that this was in the winter time since it's dark all day and night in the winter - I love the little things they remember!)

I told them that their picture HAD to match something in their writing.... I don't know why they just don't automatically do's so weird to me - I would have thought that was just a given.... guess not.

I mean, when they read books, don't the illustrations or photos (in NF books) usually match what they are reading - which is why they are able to use picture clues to help them words they don't know??


Then, I used the reindeer in Stephanie's Run Reindeer Run pack

because he's SUPER cute!!

I made some tracers, and they traced and cut....

then they glued them on black paper and took chalk to make the snow.

(this one said she put the aurora gory lights in the sky - hence the scribbles...ha!)

Ok - now I'm off to try and finish my Holidays Around the World....


Miss Kindergarten said...

Too, too cute!!!

Miss DeCarbo said...

Love! I'm SO excited to have found your freebie pack. We're doing a Reindeer Theme Day instead of a "Christmas" party at our school. This will be perfect! :) Thank you so much!

Sugar and Spice

Kristen said...

aww, your students sound so cute! I loved seeing what you guys did!

Unknown said...

Crack me up, those reindeer are the cutest!

Amy Howbert
Little Miss Organized

Mr. First Grade said...

LOVE the reindeer! Just downloaded your freebie, and can't wait to try it! Thanks for sharing!!

Mr. First Grade

Jessica said...

very cute! We started reindeer writing this week. My "plan" is to do polar bears and penguins in the next two weeks, one per week. We'll see how this week goes!
What i have learned

Elizabeth said...

Such cute reindeer!! I love them!

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