Moving on from Elections

This week hasn't really gone according to "PLAN."

I blame going on a field trip on a MONDAY.  ha!! That really just kind of set my tone for the week - a different tone than what I had planned for...

BUT, I did actually do SOME things that were on my plans....

They are finally starting to finish their "Vote Me for President" writing (get the freebie HERE)

And the last few days, we've been working on some SERIOUS map skills.

We colored in the states the color that they ended up being for the voting....

They are now EXCELLENT at directions, and even regions. Every time we had to color in a state, they had to tell me where it was located on the map - they even got how to say the NW/NE and SW/SE really well. 

map skills - check!

(get the map freebie HERE)

THEN, they had to glue the direction cards down on the paper, and they had to write a sentence about the data on the map.

Did you notice???

FL is not colored

Our poor state is SO notorious during elections...hahaha!

While it is leaning as if our state will be a blue colored state, the totals have not yet been calculated.  

It just cracks me up!

THEN, I decided I was over teaching about the election....

So I scrapped my plans, and changed it up...

The Legend of the Indian Paintbrush

I busted out one of my favorite books to read during this time of year.

Since I hadn't planned on actually teaching this right then and there, I improvised.

We use our spirals - which are becoming more and more like a learning log, and I'm LOVING it!

We discussed the beginning, middle and end.

Tomorrow, we're going to be doing a quilt based on this book - I doubt we will finish it tomorrow, but maybe I'll have a picture or two for ya! :)

Y'all know that we do the currently linkies with my girl, Farley.

Well, part of their writing homework this week was to write their currently - using COMPLETE sentences! 

This one is from one of the most sweetest kids I have EVER had!!

And no - NOT just because I was the subject of his writing, BUT because he really is.

So our chickies are quickly growing - I'm super loving them!!

Look...they are getting smart - climbing up on top of their water container to try and get out - ahhh!!

And I am leaving you with this thought:

how do Floridians handle the cold???


Happy Thursday, ya'll!!

I'll be back tomorrow with some good finds from some of my friends that I found and can't wait to use!!


Beach Sand and Lesson Plans said...

Your activities are all so cute. I really love the beginning, middle, end with Indian Paintbrush. I use spirals for everything. I also use Currently in my class. It is such a great writing/reflecting activity. The chicks are adorable. We aren't allowed to hatch chicks in our county.:-( I live in South Florida so I can appreciate your cold weather pic! :-))
Beach Sand and Lesson Plans

Kristen said...

Hey Floridian Friend! Do you know how cold it is here? 30!!! And that's not even how cold it's going to get, aaargh! I need beach pictures asap (I'm joking of course).

Loved taking a peek into your room this week :)

Mrs. Wathen said...

ok, I have worn sweaters and flip flops this week:) Hopefully it won't get much colder than this!

Great story. I am pulling mine out tomorrow:)

The Resourceful Apple

Suzy Q said...

How cold was it when you busted out the cold weather gear? 60º?

Kristin said...

My husband just said, "What is up with Florida and elections?" :)
Love all your activities!!!!
You look the way Californians look when we're cold. :)

Unknown said...

Love that you did "currently" with your students. What a great idea!


Stories from Room 114

Rachel Lamb said...

I've got to say my kids were so confused about all the red but Romney not winning! It really takes teaching about this stuff to truly understand it!

Jen R said...

I know!! It'd be nice to have one year of easy going

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