So... What did I do over the break???


a little bit of this...

and a little bit of that...

Worked out a little bit...

In fact, I'm so sore from the workout on Saturday that I'm STILL hobbling around and crying every time I sit

Played with this little one...

Rolled around a little

MADE the hubs take a family

He hates taking pictures.

For Thanksgiving, my grandparents came up and had dinner...

HAD to get a picture with girls and their GREAT-Grandparents...

FOUR generations

Then it was time to decorate for Christmas!!!


NO, that is not a real fireplace...

well, it is, but not built into the house. We bought it at a garage sale...

And I think it was my FAVORITE find ever.

JUST so we could hang our stockings on the mantle.

I've never been able to do that before. EVER.

I'm so in love with it.

AND the Rooster.

Rooster-maitre d'

Hubs won't let me pack him up for the holidays.

I tried telling him that you have to pack up stuff when you decorate with more stuff so it doesn't look so crowded...

BUT he refuses to let me pack the rooster, which is where I wanted to put a snowman.

So, I slapped a Santa hat on him and called it even. ha!

AND LOOK what I got in the mail today!!!

I'm super excited about the curling gel....I have yet to find my GO-TO product for keeping my curls in all day...and the lip gloss too!

I was almost scared that I wasn't going to get it this month because hubs lost his wallet a while ago.

Which means we had to cancel all the cards that were in there.

And my Birchbox account was attached to one of those cards.


Forgot until I got an email saying they couldn't process my payment....

ugh! I'm going to buy him a "beep-beep" thingy for his wallet for Christmas with how often he loses his wallet.


Please tell me he's not the only husband in the room that loses his wallet so much.

Oh. The kicker???

"A" came running up to us a few weeks later...

"Here's your wallet, Daddy!!"



All you can do is laugh, right??


Wanna check out Birchbox???

Click HERE!!!

And don't forget!


TpT Sale is going on right now!!

I've already bought some good stuff....might need to go back for more!


Unknown said...

I've been debating signing up for a Birchbox... I love the idea, but what if I dont want something in the box? Does that ever happen??

Ms. Rachel
Ms. Rachel’s Room

Jen R said...

Yeah...once or twice it has. But one time it was because I had no idea what the thing was! ha! I actually gave it to my daughter, but then read the description and was like "HEY - I need that back!" ha! and I'm actually still using it! Most of the time though, I'm wishing there were more in there!

Erin Brown said...

I love Birchbox! I look forward to it each month :)

Miss Squirrels said...

I want the Birchbox. I also want a Little that will find a wallet and NOT empty it our BEFORE returning it- they love $ almost as much as I do:)
ps. Love the Rooster

Kristin said...

Are you doing push ups???? Wow!!! You look amazing and strong and I'm jealous!!!! Way to go!! :)

Elizabeth said...

Love the mantle, Jen :)

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