Learning with Dinosaurs

Hey y'all...

Just a quick note to let you know - I finished my Dino Literacy pack tonight!


I have to get through a few units here quite soon because my mom is coming at the end of August to visit and my baby girl turns THREE in the beginning of September, so I have to plan her birthday party - you know me...I love themes!


School has started - I'm sure I'll get overwhelmed here QUITE shortly - ahh! lol

So here it is, my newest pride and joy - ha!

This dinosaur unit is a great literacy center pack to accompany your dinosaur lesson plans.

There are FIVE center activities, most of which can be differentiated to fit your students' levels within your class OR it allows you to use it during different times of the year.

Dino Sentence Sorting - types of sentences...sentence cards with AND without punctuation and the header cards with a choice of with or without punctuation.
Label a Dinosaur - two different options...label a dinosaur or label a scene and write a caption.
Dino Words - a game using short vowel words
Sorting Dinos - ABC order to the 2nd letter
Making Words - with teacher cards, student cards, and student page they can cut up.

I'm going to be working on my math version of it, but I won't be getting it up before the sale tomorrow....

don't forget about the promo code!!

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I feel tho, tho thilly...lol...

Check out the time capsule you grabbed from me....

Make sure it doesn't say May, 2012 on the end of the year portrait - lol!!

A very sweet follower informed me that I didn't change the year - woops!!

BUT, it's fixed now, so you can go grab the FIXED version NOW

Ok, my friends.

I am off to fill up my cart for the sale tomorrow!


Suzy Q said...

Can't tell you how many things I have printed with the previous year's date on it. Oops!

Glad someone observant caught this, because I wouldn't have noticed till I handed them out!

(You know now you have to keep us updated every fall with the newest version of the time capsule, right?)

Lisa at Fourth and Ten said...

LOVE your dinosaur unit. My second graders would have loved it. :)
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