A Little Help From My Friends!

(mmm...gonna try with a little help from my friends!)

I just love that song!! And I love the Wonder Years ...hehe..I digress.



Today, I'm going to show you a few activities we've been doing in class that have been "inspired" by some of my friends' activities.

I say inspired, because, do we ever really use the things we get on TpT VERBATIM?? 

Are they scripts??


Are they the ONLY way you can use things?


Are they WONDERFUL ideas???


Am I a better teacher because of them??

For sure!

The first one is...

There are some GREAT ideas in here for the beginning of the year...

As soon as I looked through it, I knew EXACTLY what i wanted to do with it...

First, I read THIS book...

Which is actually perfect because OH. MY. LAND...my kids do NOT stop talking...lol

So, we did a little anchor chart on what it means to be a good audience.

And they wrote about how NOT to be an "Interrupting Chicken."

Then...I needed a quick chicken, and I KNEW I had one in my Spring Files, so I grabbed my tracers I made from Christie's Big Chicken unit...

and Voila!!

See??? SO CUTE!

Next up...

One of my FAVORITE units to do in the beginning of the year is Elmer.

My FAVORITE part of the story is the end, when they have the Elmer Day Parade.

 So that's what they did...

I just love how they are all SO different!
Which is perfect since they wrote about how they were one of a kind. Isn't it amazing how MUCH reading and writing go hand in hand!??!

You can download the freebie {HERE}

So, there ya have it...

Some cute activities for the beginning of school.

Feel free to pin and leave some comments!


Lisa R. said...

I am definitely pinning this Jen!! What a cute idea with Interrupting Chicken! I know that I sure could use this right about now. Love it!! :)
Learning Is Something to Treasure

Elizabeth said...

I think this is ultimately what keeps me coming back for even more on TPT and from my blog reading...all the great ideas that get tweaked just a bit to fit my needs. This is great, Jen!

Laura K. said...

Love the interrupting chicken book. Great tie in to beginning of the year sharing time. :)

Kristy said...

I definitely need the Interrupting Chicken book,lol!

I love the Elmer parade. I'll have to try that next year!
Teachin' First

Jill said...

It feels good that it's not just my class who can't stop talking! It is making me crazy, especially since they are otherwise very sweet kids! Maybe I will check out the chicken book. :)

Marvelous Multiagers!

Kelly Benefield said...

I definately need to do the Interrupting Chickens lesson with one of my classes! Thanks for the great idea!

Teaching Fourth

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