August Linky!

Hey y'all!!

It's been a few days...'s been longer - all the posts you've seen in the last week have been scheduled


I was HERE....

(Key West)

Doing a lot of this.....

(me on my 30th birthday!!!!)

With my....

We came back Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, I had to report back to work - ha!!


I've been SUPER busy setting up my room - and I am LOVING how it's coming out!!!

I don't have any pictures to show you yet, but that's because I need it to be COMPLETELY finished before I show you :)

I'm also waiting until Melanie's (Schoolgirl Style) beach theme comes out - because I MAY need to add more to it! lol

Anyway, I don't have anything BRILLIANT from the classroom to share with you just yet, but I DO have one of my FAVE things...


I have an all- new team this year....and I'm loving them!!! I really miss my other girls too, though...

And for my B2S....

My laminator is my FAVORITE thing!! And if it ever goes out on me...I'm going DIRECTLY to the store to get another

And, I never realized how much velcro I actually use until....I don't have any to set up my


I am Soooooo OCD anyway, but it's so important to start the year off this way...

I will have to show you my tips and tricks in a post - soon!!


Now it's your turn!!

Need to know how to link up??

(Note - I know NOTHING about Macs, sorry!)
1. Right click and copy her template
2. Open Power Point (or I use publisher) and insert (or paste) the image.
3. Create text-boxes and type in your answers.
4. Copy all (cntrl A) and paste into Paint
5. Save as a jpeg
6. Upload the image to your blog :)

Oh' boy fourth grade


Unknown said...

What kind of laminator do you have?

meghan said...

I'm feeling the blog-pressure to get a personal laminator!

Doing the currently on a Mac is pretty similar! I save the image, and then I open it in Pages [the Mac version of Word]. I add text boxes over it with my answers, then I take a screen shot [command/shift/4] & save. Just in case anyone came here & has a Mac. =)

Third Grade in the First State

Jen R said...

It's just a cheapy one from harbor freight - but it's lasted YEARS!...but they sell the scotch ones at target and wal-mart - or you can get them on amazon

Jennifer said...

I giant puffy heart love my Scotch laminator! When we moved from our house to an apartment it was one item I refused to put into storage! Looks like you had a blast on your vacation!

Rowdy in First Grade

Miss Nelson said...

Loved your pics! Velcro is a must!
Miss Nelson

Cassandra said...

Looks like you're having a fun summer!
Adventures in Room 5

Elizabeth said...

What a great way to spend your 30th :) I'm also sooo glad to hear that I'm not the only one slightly OCD about my classroom :)

Fun in Room 4B

Tania said...

Organization...awww! It is a must for this slight OCD 2nd grade teacher :)
Love your family pic.
My Second Sense

Lisa at Fourth and Ten said...

Your trip looked like so much fun! :)
Organizational things are must for me too!
Fourth and Ten
Like Fourth and Ten on Facebook!

Primary Paradise said...

Can you believe we are already back?!! The laminator from Harbor Freight is a great deal. I know several people who have had theirs for a while.
Primary Paradise

Kelley Cirrito said...

Happy Birthday!! I hope you had a super duper birthday...which is looks like you did!!

Shannon said...

I need an IEP!

I copied the image, put it in powerpoint, inserted a text box, but can't remove the existing text!!!


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