Last 3 Days of School

Whew! The last 3 days of school... what a whirlwind!  It's always so much fun, though.

Here's what we did...

Monday was Bubbles and Popsicles day...

I love having my big girl in my grade and on my team... I got to see her a lot this year.

We also read the book, Ish, and they got to paint for the last time this year...making their Ish drawings.

And we also read outside - "Sea You Next Year" theme... so beach-y!

Tuesday.... was autograph day. 

Each team went outside and all the kids got their friends' autographs in their Memory Books. Someone brought this giant emoji pillow and I really liked it. I think I need it next year for a photo op! ha!!

Then we went inside and had our classroom awards.

I usually do a red carpet, lined with stars with their names on it (like the Hollywood Walk of Fame), and this year I got the idea to do a backdrop... 

The pictures turned out SO cute. I'm so glad I did that.

After they got their awards, they took their pictures next to their stars.

After the awards, we finished up our Memory books... I LOVE how these always turn out! Check out the whole book HERE

Wednesday... the last day. 

We spent the morning playing Minute to Win It games...

Some of these ideas came from Tonya's Treats for Teachers, some from Tunstall's Teaching and some I came up with. lol 

We ended with our Summer Treat while watching Finding Nemo.

And that's a wrap!! Man, what a year!

Make sure that you check out the super awesome First Grade Rocked! guitars and pictures we did last week. I absolutely love them!


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Teresa Halminton said...

Wow! These games looked so much fun!
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