Clifford Week

During our short o week, I decided to do Clifford the Big Red Dog. They always LOVE doing Clifford. He's so funny to them!

I like to start off my themes by making a "folder" for them to keep all their related papers in.

Here are some of the activities we kept in the folder. I was really good about taking pictures in the beginning of the week, but not so much towards the end - oops!

We did a big anchor chart together to help with this tree map.

On this paper, they drew Clifford and wrote about his inside traits in the boxes and wrote a sentence on the bottom about his outside traits. 

They turned those inside traits into sentences on the paper we attached to the Clifford Craft.

They did the craft with NO tracers.

So each of them was unique and different. I love it!

I somehow forgot to take a picture of what we glued him to (I'll use the back to school chaos as an excuse!), but this is the writing version we did.

We made little Clifford ears for a headband to wear on Friday. I just used the "directions" in the Clifford pack to make the ears and stapled them to a 3 or 4" headband. They loved wearing them! Small groups was so cute with their little Clifford ears.

Our snack of the day was Puppy Chow! I made it in class and then we sat on the tile and got to eat it "around the table" like the little family we are. 

Some really wanted to eat the Puppy Chow like a dog. haha - have at it, kid!

Here are some other ways you can do the craft (just the head) and different writing versions you can do throughout the week.

Here, we have a live Pet Comparison... Love our "little Petey!" Our 90 pound lap dog. haha.

Click HERE to see a preview of what all is included in the pack. 


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