Little Red Hen Week

During our Short E week, we did a little bit of Little Red Hen. It was a 4-day week AND Teddy Bear Day was that Friday, so we really didn't get to do the whole Farm Unit like I like to do. 

I always like to read and compare all the different versions of the story.  The kids really get into after we do the first 2 and whenever I read the next story, they're already telling me in the middle of the story how it's similar and different.

Here are some of my favorite versions of the book (click the pictures to get them on Amazon):

We did our FIRST summary! We did this ALL together. WE do it a few times before I start letting go of the reigns a little bit...but they really get the hang of it and can start doing it by themselves eventually!

For the pictures, I taught them how to draw a hen using Ed Emberely's Drawing book

and then they added details in the background to match what they wrote about. 

We also talked a lot about the lesson you can learn from the stories. 

And the cute little hen craft. 

 I never miss a week of Little Red Hen! Such great lessons to be learned!! 

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