Hello, February!

Well, hello February!!

Every beginning of the month, I get their homework folders ready, the covers to their writing journals, poetry journals, and the first poem of the month - which is always the poem to teach them to spell the month. 

Thankfully, I have parent volunteers to put together the homework folders and writing journals for me.... this year. Let's see what next year brings!

AND this week we did some super cute predicting using {THIS} freebie from First Grade Blue Skies.

I'm not sure where the craft came from - it was in my files and had no name on it. But it's super cute! And I had them free hand draw/cut out the sun and clouds. I love how all the clouds are different!

If you want any of the free journal covers, head on over to these posts:

Monthly Poems are included in my {Ultimate Calendar} pack.

Click the picture below to see what I have planned for February!  Lots of freebies in the post, too!


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