Learning About Space

The last two weeks, we've been focusing on our Space unit.

I always start with the moon. They always love learning about the moon.  We made our Schema chart (I always use 2 different color sticky notes to show the old vs. new learning) and added to it throughout the first week. 

Here are some of the books we read throughout the unit...


And throughout the unit, I showed some videos on YouTube about being in space, as an astronaut.

I have a few different videos saved on my {SPACE CHANNEL} if you want to check them out. Let me know if you know of any others that I can add to show next year!!

In small groups, we read NF passages and focused on finding the answers RIGHT in the article....highlighting the answers.

And STEALING and SLIDING.... using part of the question in the answer...

They added a lot of new words to their vocabulary... they made their vocabulary journals for the unit and kept adding to them during the 2 weeks.

Once we finished adding words, I stapled all the pages in the book.

They made their orbit craft - this really helps them to visualize the orbit.

We did the comparison in small groups first, then I sent them back to their seat to finish the cut and paste activity.

We did on the board...

And then they used their venn-diagram in their notebooks to help plan for their writing ...

She is using her {Spelling Journal} to help with any words she doesn't know.

They wrote about how the moon was different from Earth....but you can just do moon facts too!

We spent a day in the computer lab researching stars. I wrote out 3 questions for them to find the answers to in PebbleGo. They are getting better and better at finding answers!

Then the finale - Astronaut craft!!

and space hat - of course! :)

Check out my Space Unit {HERE}

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mommyteacherandme said...

I am not able to find the pace unit in your TPT store. Is it still there and I'm not looking hard enough! lol

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