Halloween Week

Happy end of the Halloween-Full-Moon-Week, friends!! Whew! We survived!!

Not sure how I did it, but we got through a TON of things this week.

For one... we did some activities from Deanna and DeeDee's {Guiding Readers pack}. I did Creepy Carrots this week. The kids just LOVE this story!

We did some Cause and Effect with the story, too.

Our listening centers was Crakenstein (from {DeeDee's Listening centers} - this one was from 2014-2015 set).

Our other centers came from my {October ELA center pack}. I have them for 2nd grade too!

We did our district math test for about 3 days straight.... so on Thursday, we did a "break" from math. We did Deanna's non-tracer Frankenstein craft from her {Halloween pack}. Little did the kids know, they were still getting a math lesson - there is great math vocabulary! AND I made a 2-D shape recording sheet to add to the craft.

Keeping with the Frankenstein theme...we did Jennifer's {directed drawing} of Frankenstein. 

They came out soooo cute! I mean, c'mon. Kids need to be kids, right?! These activities are full of "listening and following directions" so they are still academic. But sometimes, kids just need to draw!

We also did Frankenpudding, an idea I got from {Cara}. and every year, I recruit my husband to draw the face...because he's THAT good. haha. poor teacher husband, right!?

But the kids always love it.

We also did some of Megan's {Little Green Witch Unit}

I had a volunteer come in and it was a perfect lesson for her to do (she needs to get in some student-teacher hours) because the kids already LOVED our {Little Red Hen unit}, and so they were really able to make the connection with this book.

Then, we did the summary pages. We didn't do ANY written planning page...they did this summary ALL on their own without looking at a planning page!! I call that a success!!

We also had to make our monster hats. Our school was doing a school wide Reading "Competition" and the last day of the month, we would be having  Monster Mash to celebrate all the minutes our school read! So I opted for party hats (after all, it was a celebration, right?) and googly eyes and pom poms. They could make teeth if they wanted....or just do whatever they wanted with their hat. All them. and they came out pretty cute!

We also did our How To writing for the week - How to Scare a Cat! We talked about topic and closing sentences, which they could "steal" from me, but they had to come up with some of their own ideas for how to scare a cat! You can find the writing and craft (and other activities) in my {Scaredy Cat, Splat pack!}

annnd...now I'm gearing up for a Halloween filled weekend with the family!

Happy Halloween! Here's a little Halloween Treat for you!


Christy said...

Looks like you had a GREAT week! You had soooo much good stuff!!
Mrs.Christy’s Leaping Loopers

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