Last Days of School

The last week of school.

It came and went so quickly!

I didn't have much planned, but we did do some fun stuff!!

We read the book Ish

Then I had the kids make their own -Ish Gallery!  They turned out so cute!!

I really love this one! He used what we learned during our ocean unit in his illustration - notice the electroreception!?

This one was too cute!

Then we read The Dot.

And they made their gallery with little black dots that I cut out from our dye-cut machine at school.

This one is a tractor - too cute!

A lot of our time was spent trying to complete our Memory Books.  You can check out the final product and what's included in {THIS} post.

Then, one day we had a bubbles and Popsicle party.

My bubbles...hehehe

And they got to play and be kids.

Another day we did Minute to Win It games.  You can find them on Reagan's post {HERE}. 

Then it was our last day of school ... 

on a Monday. I know. Weird, right?

This day for about an hour we did some game rotations...


Tangram pictures, puzzles, and computers..

And I sent them home with their Memory Books - hopefully with such wonderful memories!

And that's another year in the books, my friends!

I survived my first year in first grade... in a new school... with my 3rd child being born... and house renovations...and a new puppy. Holy cow, what a year!!

My BF and I may be at separate schools now, but that doesn't mean we can't still do the cartwheel picture - it's tradition! 3 years now...

And we started our summer off together! These are two very happy teachers! ha!

Here's to a fun summer!!  If you want to follow me at my personal blog, A Splash of Life Blog, you can follow my fitness journey, every day life, my girls, and just me being me!

A Splash of Life


Chris Saunders said...

I love your post about the last week! I love the paper you used for the dot picture---do you have that in one of your packs? I also have loved using your centers this year! -Happy Summer! Chris

Sarah Paul said...

Looks like such a fun week! So many great activities!

PS. I love your beach wavy hair! Totally not school related, but I had to say it!

coralgrace738♡ said...

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