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Hey friends! So this week starts week 3 of my summer vacation, and so far we've been having a lot of fun in the sun!! You can follow me over at my other blog, A Splash of Life Blog to see what we've been up to...and to follow my fitness journey! I actually post a lot over there - life, recipes, fitness journey, DIYs, and random thoughts!

But today I'm linking up with Natalie over at What the Teacher Wants for a Summer Bucket List.

So here's my bucket list for this year.


NONE!! It's true!! I have NOTHING I want to do this summer for school!  You know why?? Because I got so much of it done before I left at the end of school. You can check out my post {HERE} on what I did before I left.

I even got my scope and sequence finished with my teammate before we left! Check {THIS} post to see where I got this beautiful calendar from!

Sooooo, since I worked like crazy before the end of the year to get ready for net year, my list of things to do this summer is pretty non-existent. I might have one or two things on there, but I don't remember what they are...haha!  Which is nice because last summer I worked my TAIL off since I was moving to a new school, new room set-up, and a new grade! It was a crazy BTS for me (Remember when I brought that HUGE U-Haul to school with all my crap stuff and I had to get it all organized and looking pretty??), and I'm so thankful that I don't have to go through that again!


Since it's summer time, I actually have time to workout like I want! I get to go back to bootcamp in the mornings (yes, at 5:30 in the morning!) and sometimes I get to workout again in the evening!

and sometimes I get to do Sunrise Yoga on the beach or run on the beach! I mean, seriously... I love living here!

Another goal of mine is to get Baby C's room done. I mean, the poor girl still doesn't have a room! haha! She does, but it's been used as the store-room while we've been in construction.  That's ok - she sleeps in our room anyway.  I did however get the crib up finally. Not that it's being used, but I thought that maybe that'd be my push to get the rest of the room done.  Yeah.. not so much. lol

I also really want to get the backyard done. It's nothing but a big land of DIRT and "clay" from the pool construction and between the dogs and the kids, my house and back porch are DISGUSTINGLY dirty All. The. Time.

I actually just  cleaned out the entire back porch; tables and chairs and playhouse all went outside for me to scrub them and then I pressure washed the porch floor. SO. MUCH. BETTER!

I actually scrubbed everything with doTERRA's On Guard Cleaning Concentrate. I love it!! And I know that it's safe for my little ones too... If you want to check out more on doTERRA you can check out my page {HERE}.


yeah.. you can probably guess that my fun goals are to visit the beach as much as possible... yep!! 
I mean, why would you NOT want to go to a play that just makes you happy as soon as you walk up?! I mean just LOOK at this!

To play in OUR pool.. it's almost done...we're just waiting for a day that is NOT going to rain to get the pool plastered.... but HELLLLLO?!? It's summer time in Florida - it rains EVERY day in the summer!!  One day....

and my birthday trip.... every year on my birthday we go on a trip. It's my birthday present to myself. And a tradition. That's the problem with having a summer birthday. No one is usually around to celebrate (when you're a kid) so it's been a long-time tradition to go somewhere for my birthday. I haven't decided where to this year... maybe back down to the Keys?!  I don't know.

Make sure you come follow me at my other blog to keep up with what we're doing for fun, watch the girls grow, share my fitness journey with me, and just listen to my ramblings!

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Thanks for the linky, Natalie!


Tonya said...

Oh, that view of the ocean makes me want to pack the van for a road trip right now! I lived an hour from Myrtle Beach growing up, and then my mom moved to Florida. I used to love to go to Ponde Vedra one in sight for miles! Enjoy your summer; you certainly earned it before school ended. :)
Storybook Endings in Second

Rachel said...

Wow! I love that you were able to get everything done for school before school ending! Now that's an accomplishment!! I'm moving schools so I will be busting my rear to get things done!

A Tall Drink of Water

Kaydi Shaw said...

How good it must feel to have your school list done before you left! Happy Summer!


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