A Penguin Preposition Book Freebie!

I had a good response to my Spider Preposition book that I shared in my Spider post {HERE}. And I, personally don't take a week to teach preposition, but I do know that since they are in our standards, they need to be "mastered."  So I just do some activities here and there. I mean, The kids usually get them. My Autumn even gets prepositions (what the word means... not the ability to point out a "preposition" by any means. lol). So since I teach Penguins in January, I thought why not do another preposition book? 

This one is set up a little differently because the pictures are already in the book, the students just have to add to the book. They have to read the question and figure out where the preposition is telling them to do something. I like to have my kids highlight (with a crayon) the preposition so that I know they can identify it. Then they illustrate the answer and then write the answer on the lines. I like to have them highlight the preposition in their answer too, so that they can make sure they put it in there.

The answers can be written in different ways - whatever suits the needs of your students. 

I had Autumn do this and she drew bats. Of course she can't write, so I just wrote it for her. But she knew where to draw it, so that's what I wanted to know with her!

You can have them write more simple sentences like this, if this is where your students are at with their writing.

Click on the pictures to grab your freebie!

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Tina said...

Thank you so much! This is a wonderful resource!

Shannon said...

Thank you very much. I'm going to do the Tacky books next week, so I'll definitely be adding this, also. Have a great week.

Margaret Cofield said...

Great resource. Thank you for the freebie!

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