Pete the Cat

This week was our Pete the Cat week.

I LOVE Pete the Cat.

So does about every child.

How could you not??

I did it last year with my 2nd graders... check out my Visual Post on it HERE.

We started with Rocking in my School Shoes, then moved to I Love my White Shoes, and then to My Four Groovy Buttons (which was great for math - and Autumn's personal favorite!)  Here are some of my other favorite Pete books...

I'm sure you know already know, but you can go to the Harper Collins website and listen to all the Pete the Cat books on there for free!

This was the graphic organizer we did for the Groovy Buttons book.  I really like to make "shorthand" pictures as we always do graphic organizers because so many kids are visual... so they can put a picture with the word. In fact, I used to have book marks for when we "marked our books" during guided reading and such that had these symbols on them.

We also did our Pete Tree Map for the "I Love My White Shoes" book, which I forgot to take pictures of, but it was "Pete - has, is , and likes" and then we wrote our sentences using the tree map...and we added OUR own sentence. We were really working on the work "like" since it was one of our sight words, so I tried to encourage them to use that in their final writing...letting them "highlight it" if they used it. Hey... it's a bribe that sometimes works. ha!

After they finished their neat copy of their writing, they got to make their Pete the Cat craft.  Last year, I did the craft as a "Following Directions" center, but I knew there was no way my 1st graders could do it independently....well, some we did it whole group. 

I didn't have any navy paper, so I let them choose between the blue or the black.

I think they came out so cute! They did ALL the tracing and cutting themselves... and they even made their own whiskers, eyes, and noses.  I LOVE them! True kid art...hehe.

We were really focusing on handwriting and complete sentences with punctuation and capital letters... 2nd week of school stuff, right?

We also did a fun activity where they put the events in order from "Rockin' in My School Shoes." They had to put the events in order and label them...

There are labels in the pack that you can print up for them to read and glue with the pictures, but I wanted them to work on more handwriting skills... so I made them write them out! haha...I'm so mean.

There are TONS more activities that I didn't get to this week, but I posted about them LAST year with my 2nd graders. You can see more activities in THIS post, which is also my post about how I run my small groups. Take a look - LOTS of good information!

Also, I announced it on my Facebook page, but if you already own my "Groovy Cat" pack, go download it again, I added about 15 more pages to it!  Click the pictures to check it out!

Happy Friday! I know I'm thankful for a 3-day weekend! Woo!


Unknown said...

I super super loooove this package for my brand new. First grade class. anchor charts are made, examples are prepped and I went to two libraries to get as many Pete books as I can. thanks for giving me a nice week of fun and relevant work for our ELA unit!

Jen R said...

I'm so glad you like it! It's always a favorite of ours...I just wish I had more time this week to get to more!

Unknown said...

Great post! I'm always reading your blog, love it!
I'm new at blogging, please stop by sometime! =)

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