Rolling and Learning!

So, I like to do a LOT of dice rolling activities...

You can find one in all of my Common Core Literacy Menu packs....

(I'll actually be updating the "oldest" packs I have to incorporate all of the activities found in my newer grammar and phonics packs)

Even a long time ago, I shared a sight word freebie where I used dice!

Click the picture to grab the freebie!

and I even have thematic rolling sheets that I shared once upon a time... lol

Click the picture to grab the freebie
( I know there's only 5 columns...but I only had 5 words, so I just told them to roll again if they got a 6...or to use that one to help a word get ahead - ha!)

SO... as you can see, I'm a big fan of dice/graphing activities...ha!

Now...the big question... what kind of dice do I use??

I used to use jut regular ole dice...I have TONS of them... I really don't even know where they all came from, but I still have them...tucked away into my drawers.
But the noise was driving me crazy! And I didn't feel like making those "quiet" containers for all 20 of my kids plus some for my I just broke down and bought a $6 pack of 36 foam dice!

 And for my centers I like to have the kids use the BIG foam makes the centers feel even that more special. Anything to make them want to do the center even more...right!?  

 I also really like to use the photo cubes... I like to use them if I want to differentiate the words (for spelling or sight word rolling activities) for my kids and tell each kid (or group) what color die to use... 
It works great!

 When I bought them about 4 years ago, I could only find the baby photo blocks... 


 but now Carson Dellosa has a version too...but they're the same thing - ha!


So... do you use dice??? Are you like me and have such a wide variety?! haha

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