Squiggle Stories...and a new blog!

Happy Saturday everyone! I hope everyone got to sleep in...me?? Not so much. My little cuties always get us up by 6:00.  But that's ok. It just means I have more hours in my day to get things accomplished, right?! 

Anyway...I wanted to show you one of my impromptu lessons from last week...or rather the week before.

I had a good writing lesson planned, but when it came to teaching it, I really wasn't feeling it anymore, so I wanted to change it...but had no "Plan B" in my drawers to pull out.  

Hmmmm....what could I do??  Squiggle Stories!! 
Now, I know this is nothing new. BUT, I'm always so in love with how they turn out! What I did was just give each kid a paper and told them to make a small little squiggle mark. Then, they passed it around their group (clockwise). Then I came around with a black marker and went over the squiggle line and then they had to draw a picture with the squiggle mark. It could be ANYTHING.  Here are some examples of what some of the kids came up with .....

Here's mine that I used as an example. 

Then it came time to plan. I just folded a paper into 4ths and they wrote out the characters and setting....then they did the beginning, middle, and end. I told them that they had to have a problem in the middle and then a solution in the end. 

Here is my example that I did for them.

And here is their final products...I just LOVE all the different stories they came up with!

Click HERE to get the free writing templates!

Ok...so you may have noticed something different on my pictures....

Yep! I have a name change!!!

AND a new blog design to go with it!!!

I know...it's going to be hard to get used to the name. I just wasn't feeling "The Teacher's Cauldron" anymore...and it took me a LONG time to figure out what name I WOULD like. I bothered my blogging friends A LOT about it (they are probably glad I've FINALLY passed that part of my life..haha!) In fact, my friend Lori, from Teaching with Love and Laughter thought of this name. It's perfect, don't you think (those who know me)?! 

I hope this doesn't mean you'll forget about me! I tried to keep my blog button similar (yellow) to the old one...and my face is now on my facebook page...so maybe that'll help!? I hope you'll still love me! Because I really do love my new blog!! Thank you to Megan from A Bird in Hand Designs. She was so patient with me - so wonderful to work with!  


Mrs. Yazzie's Classroom News said...

I like your new name! Love it, actually. I must admit, I associated Cauldron with the dark side--always imagined a witch cackling as she brewed her next evil potion. (But after some tough days at school, that wasn't necessarily such a bad thing. ha ha ha) Having grown up in a beach town, your new name conjures warm fuzzy memories.
I like that you have your "Hi There!" picture right at the top. Helps me make the association during the adjustment.

Jen R said...

Thank you!! And yes, that's kind of how I was feeling. Definitely didn't feel like "me."

Tammy said...

Love your new look and name Jen! Although I have to admit I was always a little envious of the whole cauldron images...but that could just be my dark side talking! LOL Have a great weekend!

Storie said...

Love your new design! Megan did my blog, too. Thank you for the squiggle template. This looks like something I could use this spring!
Stories by Storie

Jenn Ayers said...

I am loving the new design!!! It is just as beautiful as you are! Lots of luck to taking this straight to the top!!!

Charts N Chit Chat

Nicole Heinlein said...

Love love love the new blog! And those squiggle stories are adorable! My class might need to do these in between our big writing projects - I love to throw in some fun projects, too! :)

Melodee said...

what a cute idea to get their minds working and writing! love it! also, your new name is adorable!!!

Tonya said...

I used to do squiggle stories way back when I first started teaching and have forgotten about it until now! My kids loved them then and I am sure they would love them now!

Your blog design is just so cute! I love it!

Tonya’s Treats for Teachers

julie allen said...

I feel like I know you, I use your stuff so much! Not only do I use it but your ideas always inspire more ideas of my own! I really appreciate you sharing your knowledge and for being so humble. You are really talented and your "stuff" is excellent. Thank you for making my job more manageable and for helping me become a better phonics teacher. Keep up the awesome work! Oh, thanks for letting me cross off "Look into squiggle stories" on my to do list! YAHOO!!

Lori Rosenberg said...

Look at you! I LOVE the redesign and I was more than happy to brainstorm new names for you. Anything for you!
Teaching With Love and Laughter

Kristin said...

Love the squiggle stories -- I am so impressed with how much they wrote!!!
And I LOVE LOVE LOVE your new blog name and your new blog design. It totally suits you!!!! :)

Kristen said...

Hello dear Jen!!! I LOVE your new design and name, it is so you!! I hope you are having a nice weekend (and feeling bad for your friend stuck in the cold-and-not-beach-weather friend! :)

Unknown said...

I love your new design, Jen!

Deirdre said...

Love your new name and design! It looks great. It took me a second to figure out on instagram that it was still you. Ha!
A Burst of First

Rachel said...

Love the new look and new name!!

Unknown said...

I love your stuff, looks fun and easy to use

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