Happy Super Bowl Day and a Sale!

I'm a day late in saying this, but HAPPY FEBRUARY!!  I wanted to share with you something that I send home at the beginning of each month...
it's our monthly family projects!

This month, it's a heart, and they can decorate it with things that they love. In each pack there is a teacher page, a letter to send home with the parents, a shape template, and writing extensions. I also show my students my example so that they have an idea of what they could do.


Want to try out my pack?? You can do February for free! It's because I LOVE you! get it?? hehe Click the picture below to try out this month's for free!

Also, don't forget to go back and download my monthly bookmarks freebie - I added in some for February!

Happy Super Bowl Day!!! Who are you voting for?! Sea Hawks?? Broncos?? Well....neither one are my team, but I do like them both, so I'm kind of cheering for them both! haha! 

Just wanted to stop in to write a little note to say that I'm throwing a sale today! 
Get everything in all my stores 20% off!! 

Shop my stores!
(enter code Superbowl)

Here are a few pictures of things you might want to snag up during this sale!

(grades K-3!)

and ALLLL of my phonics packs are on sale - even the bundles!! This is not even half of them, but just a few to give you an idea!

 Hope you have a fabulous day!!! 
We might head to the beach this morning to enjoy this beautiful warm weather we're having. Yesterday we played in the water out back...can't wait to be able to go back in the pool!

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