Candy Math, Geometry, and Phonics Poetry

Happy Sunday! I finally have time to sit and blog again! Whew!

On Friday we did my Candy Heart Math. I always forget how long this But I always love how it incorporates so much math!

What you don't see is the extension activities on the other side - the writing about the data and the addition or multiplication of the numbers.

I've also turned them into books!

We've also been working in our Polygon books (found in my 2-D Geometry pack)

This is the app we've been using all week to help us with our 2-D shapes on the picture to watch the video of it! The app is just called Geoboard. I actually used this during one of my observations from my principal! She really liked it...the only thing I wish was that EACH kid had an iPad to do it all together.

Funny story (real quick)!
 I invited my principal to come do an observation of my lesson during this day. So she was in there and the OT lady came to get one of my students and when she opened up the door the wind was so strong it blew everything that was hanging from my ceilings down including the ropes with clothes pins with stuff hanging from them. Yep. It's swung down and hit my principal in the head. Awesome lol. We all had a good laugh, at least - haha!

Then, I saw Amy's post about her shape shifting friends, and did an impromptu lesson. They did their shapes free-handed and they turned out so cute!!

That blue hexagon is my favorite - because it's not a traditional hexagon. Thinking out of the box!


We've also been working on /ar/ and /or/ sounds this of my new favorite activities in my phonics packs is the "What's the Picture Worth?" page. It really makes them think!!

I also wanted to show you what I do with phonics poetry (again). I've posted about my week-long poetry activities {HERE}, but I want to show you how I've kind of tweaked it since then. 

In addition to fluency and highlighting the phonics words, we also write out the words (more spelling practice!) and in addition to illustrating, they have LABEL the pictures with AT LEAST 3 of the words from the word list that they wrote out!  Here are some examples from last week's poems.

Where do I get my phonics poems??? I get them from THIS book. I just retype them so that the words aren't bolded and there isn't a picture already for them to see.  They glue it into their poetry spiral to keep all year long to go back and revisit!

Ok....and one more picture. This was me the other night. I finished my workout and sat down to laminate and cut centers and word cards (from my phonics packs) for the week.  lol. Problems of a teacher! How many of you look like this when you get in your grooeve!? haha!

Check out any of the packs you saw in this post!


Unknown said...

Hey Jen...I always love reading your posts! Great post..GREAT always...and my office ALWAYS looks like that when I am in my groove : ) LOL


Unknown said...

Really nice post. I may even enjoy teaching geometry this year. :) And, yup, my floor looks like that when I'm in project mode. I even have the same paper cutter. Your floor looks less hairy than mine though... I have three pets who like to lay in the middle of the projects and "help."

Unknown said...

Jen, this is THE best way I've ever seen a blog used. First you speak excitedly about what you did with your kids. Then you showed pics with student work-effective! Last, you show us where to get the activities from (no need to search!). Thank you so much!

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

I love your poetry center ideas, Jen! Mine are in need of some tweaking and I'll definitely be adding the word list and labeled illustrations!

LOL Your office looks tidy compared to my mess!

Mrs. Wheeler said...

I love that book! I use it all the time, too! Your candy heart math pack looks fantastic!

Mrs. Wheeler's First Grade

Mrs. Wheeler's TPT

Mrs. Schlickbernd said...
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Mrs. Schlickbernd said...

Hey, Jen! I love your phonics poetry notebooks! I think you used to have a link to the book you use for your poems, but it isn't live anymore. Can you share what book you use? Thanks!

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