Out with November and in with December!

What?! This is my 4th post in a row...in 4 days!?! Mark it on the calendar!! haha!! Yesterday I did my whole post on my Turkey Bags that we do every year...the kids love doing them because of the chromatology activity. They are always a hit!

So this post is what we did for Thanksgiving and what I go ready before I left for the day we get back!  First, let me show you my little anchor chart we did....It was prompted from one of our Scholastic News Magazines that we were reading. The Title had a question mark, but the first 3 people who read it, read it like it was just a statement....so that prompted a little mini lesson on how to read punctuation....lol

So this week we finished our pilgrims.... We read a nonfiction article on Eating the Plates. I have NO idea where I got this article from. It's been in my files for YEARS. But it's a great article to show kids the different between life back then and life today. 

We also read The Littlest Pilgrim and did a SWBSF on the book to summarize. 

We did a compare/contrast (headers come from my Turkey Time pack

Can I tell you...I basically had to tell my kids that YES, you BOTH have chores...apparently kids today don't have chores??? I had chores growing up...my girls even have chores (granted, it's like clean your room, clean your mess, clear the table...but still!) 

They glued their venn diagram into their writing journal, then wrote their sloppy copy comparing the two different kinds of children. 

Then they wrote it out onto their neat copy (from my Turkey Time pack) and the did Caitlin's cute Pilgrim craft.

We also did our math turkeys. They picked 3 different cards to make a 3-digit number. Then they had to do the expanded form, word form, base ten blocks, +20 and -20 feathers. 

For our Native America Studies, we used our Social Studies book to learn about the different regions, and we used Teach 123's Native American pack to helps us do our research!

SO before I left, I got a few things ready for the week we get back....

#2 - Calendar Task Cards from Sunny Days!

#3 - Winter Word Cards from Miss Kindergarten Love

#4 - Awesome words Folders from Caitlin

AND I got ready my Holidays Around the World pack.....

#1 - Class book
#2 - student reader
#3 - Passport
#4 - stamps for the passport

Here are a few pictures of the class book 

and the student reader - it's the same as the class book, just smaller and in black and white

The passport has a page for their information and picture

a page for the stamps and a then each page has a picture for them to draw something that would remind them of that country, and then a little blurb under it. I also have them write that country's way of saying "Merry Christmas" on the bottom of the polaroid. 

Check it out!

Ok, so I was giving away one of these and said I was going to pick a winner Tuesday...well....It's Wednesday, a day late....and I'm going to pick 3 winners, not 1!

Winners are:




I've already emailed you, so keep a look out!


Sara at school said...

Man, I was really crossing my fingers I'd win - it seems like a very fun, nice, educational unit. But I've noticed that TpT is having a sale, so I'll be doing that.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Storie said...

Thank you so much! This has been an item I have wanted for months and now I get to have everything ready & prepped when we return from Thanksgiving break.

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