Contractions and LOTS of freebies for December!

OH my goodness!

I'm AHEAD of the game!!

I have not only started planning for the week we get back from Thanksgiving break, I have also added my December freebies! I'm not going to show you EVERYTHING I'm getting ready, because I'm not really sure what I'm doing yet, but MAYBE I'll get back to doing my visual you even miss those?? Are they worth my time??? They are A LOT of work!

First, I have finished and started prepping my Contraction Construction pack.... I just love this "little ole pack!"  It has TONS of activities in it! It has Snowball, Concentration, Puzzle matching, word cards, word sorts, sentence writing, write the room, ABC order, Pyramid Words, Configuration Words, Word Search, a POEM (that I WROTE!),'s FILLED  

I've also added to my book mark file! There is now September through December in the file. Make sure you follow my blog and my Facebook page to find out when I update this file!

Also, on my Facebook page I've added my December Calendar Cards to my Facebook Fan Freebie tab!

Make sure you download what's there NOW, they won't be there for too long!

The next 2 days, we're going to be writing our letters to Santa!! I like to get them done before Thanksgiving break so that "Santa" has enough time to write back. ha!

Click the {HERE} to go to the post where I posted them last year!

Ok, time to start getting ready for my TWO DAY week next week - blarg!! I HOPE that I remember to take pictures of our Turkey bags that we do! They are SOOO cute and I haven't taken pictures the last TWO years. 

OH!! By the way...hubs and I hired a babysitter so we could go see Catching Fire!! OH. EM. GEEE! It was SOOOOO good!! Did you go see it yet?! I've HEARD the 3rd book is going to be in 2 different movies - OF COURSE it is! Why WOULDN'T they do that! haha!


Unknown said...

I love your visual plans but they are very time consuming. Thanks for the Santa letter freebies!
I am so jealous that everyone has already seen Catching Fire. I'm coughing nonstop so I'm going to wait so I don't get dirty looks.
Have a good week Jen!

Jen R said...

They do, but I kind of miss doing them...kind of. ha!
You're going to love it!

Sara at school said...

Your visual plans are so nice to look at - but my district is so strict about what I do, I don't use any of them. Thanks for the freebies!

Mrs. Yazzie's Classroom News said...

I love your monthly calendar cards. Thanks so much! They have totally helped to revive my aging calendar pieces.

Mrs. Yazzie's Classroom News said...

Thanks for the Santa stationary. Love that. Where do you mail your letters to? Do you receive responses back? :)

learningmyself said...

Thanks for sharing the calendar pieces! So super cute! :)

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