Jellyfish writing and Thanksgiving Centers

What? Doesn't EVERYONE do jellyfish and Thanksgiving together?! ha!

Last week, I forgot to take a picture of our finished product from our jellyfish informational writing WITH opinions! Last week we used our reading series story to write a research project, and we added in opinions! It actually worked out great!!  I gave them this research paper, and they gave a detail of what jellyfish are, have, and an interesting detail. They also gave an opinion about 2 of those details...then the last box was the "opinion" box, but it also acted as the conclusion. It was their opinion and then they had to give 2 facts that supported their opinion. In the center box, they wrote what they were researching, and then drew and labeled a picture of a jellyfish.

Then, they turned their planning into a research paper!

They highlighted the opinions they wrote in their paper. 

Once they finished their writing, they got to do the craft portion of it (motivation to finish!) They water color painted a coffee filter and we taped streamers (oral arms) and ribbon (tentacles) to the bottoms of the coffee filter. They turned out so cute!

To grab the writing paper, click {HERE}
Grab the planning page {HERE}

Today, we made our clocks to glue into our math notebooks. The kids love making these - and I get to see who is absolutely LOST about time! haha! It's a freebie from Amber Polk, get it {HERE}

Turkey Trot Spelling - click {HERE} to see last year's post on it!

Add a vowel - cvcE words. They LOVE this center, because they get to make silly words and real words...and just love saying silly words.

Fiction and Nonfiction - from Susan's Turkey Malurkey pack

Types of sentences from Lori's Thanksgiving Pack

Hope you had a great Monday!


Mr. First Grade said...

Wow!! The jelly fish are so fun!!

I also like how you have them do sentence scrambles in pocket charts. Great way to keep them organized and focused!!

Mr. First Grade

Rachel Seymour said...

I love those jellyfish! So cute! :)


Sara at school said...

We must be a week behind you in the Journey series. Which is great, cuz I'm grabbing your writing piece. I love the jellies, too. I usually let my kids watercolor jellies and get some beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

Thanks- We are reading the Jellies story next week and I will be using your idea!

Traci Clausen said...

I LOVE the add a vowel activity. How fun!
I'm super partial to jelly fish. Those are adorable.

Sarah said...

Can you share that Graphic Organizer that they used for the Jellyfish!? I LOVE the set up!

Unknown said...

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