Monday highlights

Today was actually a pretty good Monday....nothing major to write home mom went back to Colorado, so boooooo on that! But other than that, it was a pretty good day.

Just a few pictures today to show you some highlights of my day.

We got our school's mine. Not my favorite one, but not my worst. My mom says I actually look like a teacher in this one though, whatever THAT means. ha!!

I am LOVING my little bulletin board!  (and by little, I DO mean little...)
It's donning Hadar's Pumpkin Glyphs and the Fall tree, which I LOOOOVE that our art teacher did in art with my kiddos!  Our pumpkin seed plants are also hanging out there...waiting to sprout!

Today was the start of a new number for our Numbers Every Day folders.  Check out that clue that I gave them to figure out the number for the week!! I had some rockstars in my class who got it! woo!

One of my kids made me laugh so hard today...I have 2 listening centers - one is on a CD player and the other one (this week) is on the tape player....I stood behind this little girl for about a minute and watched her, just staring at it. Then she finally looks up at me and goes "Umm....Mrs. do you work this thing?!?!" in the most sweetest, innocent sound you could ever just cracked me up!  Ancient technology at its finest, right!?

And one last picture....Mondays we start in on our vocabulary words for the week (we also have others, but these are the ones we focus on using in our speaking and writing)....the kids LOVE doing our vocabulary journals! Check them out in {THIS} post.

Well, I'm off to fall asleep watching the Kelly and Michael show....anyone else watch that?! I love it! The only daytime show that I have to record! I just love Michael's personality and I'm somewhat in awe of want to be like her when I grow up!


Jill said...

Hi- I'm a big fan & signed up for your newsletter last year. However, I never receive the newsletter via email even though I'm "registered" when I try to put it in again. Would love to receive your newsletter, feel like I'm missing out on all your great posts. I'm hoping you can help.

Gladys said...

So pretty! :)

Kelly said...

So jealous of how great your school picture turned out. Got mine back today, and just wanted to crawl under my desk! haha! Love the vocab notebook idea & heading to check it out right this minute !:)

First Grade Fairytales

Miss Kindergarten said...

You kinda remind me of Kelly a little bit so you're on your way!! LOL! Love the pumpkins and the listening center :)

Suzy Q said...

Not sure what your mom meant, because I would have said you are prettier than an actual teacher. Our photos are ALWAYS scheduled on a rainy day. (They must consult the Old Farmers' Almanac to be sure!) Hence, my hair is always flatter than when I left home!

Mrs. Wheeler said...

Hahaha! I have the cd player and tape player, too and my kids couldn't figure out the CD PLAYER!!!!!!!!!! Ahhh!!!

Mrs. Wheeler’s First Grade
Mrs. Wheeler TpT

Jen R said...

Hi jill! Have you checked your spam?? I haven't sent out a november one yet so you wouldn't have gotten that one.

Jen R said...

Ha! I love you even more now!

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