Week 1 Visual Plans!

It's my first official FULL week this week. If you've followed me last year, you know that I did the visual plans. Well, I don't really have my kids in an actual schedule right yet (we're still doing a lot of procedures and explaining), so I'm not going to do my real visual plans just yet.  But I'll show you what my centers are going to be.

I'm going to start doing my running records and ORF testing next week, so I don't have actual small group plans, but I can show you what I'm going to be doing for my ELA centers.

I have an EDITABLE version of this center menu if you want one. I realize there are MILLIONS of ways people set up their centers, but this is what works for me, so if you want to try it, click HERE.

(t.s. stands for teacher signature so that I can keep track of their effort and completion, but also so that they can see if they've already done that center since they're only allowed to choose a center once)

For centers 1-5, I'm using my School Days ELA center pack...

1. Label A Day at School - students can use a word bank to label a picture, add in their own art to it, then write a caption.

2. Silly School Words - sorting real and nonsense words, writing in columns with an option to extend by 
having them write sentences.

3. School Syllables - sorting one and two syllable words

4. School Sentence Scramble - you can do 3 sets or 6 sets of scrambled sentences

5. Sorting Supplies - ABC order 

Then 6-10 are other centers I'm putting together from various resources and blogging finds!

6. Using the book, Me on the Map, they're going to map out their own bedroom. If you want to try that activity click HERE. Click the picture of the book to check out the book.

7. Computer - I will probably have them listen to a book on Tumblebooks, there's a story about "How Do You Read to a Rabbit," about the problems you'd have if you read to different animals. It's super cute! They'll do a response sheet. (click HERE if you have Tumblebooks or have that book and want to do the activity sheet)

8. They read an old Scholastic News article and answer the questions on the back. I'm hoping I can laminate in the morning before school so that they can use dry erase markers on it, but we'll see!

9. They'll do buddy reading, and response sheet from Kristen's Grab and Go pack (I just LOVE that pack!)

10. Write the Room, I just want them to read the room,  I'll have them do one of the back to school pages from this pack. I love having them do write the room activities, so I think this pack will be a fun activity for them to do throughout the year.

These centers will last TWO weeks. Which is perfect since we're not starting the reading series (according to pacing guide), so then all my centers will be able to be review centers for the year!

For math, I'm not really diving into the "series" yet, but I AM starting on my Numbers Every Day, which will deal with place value, 100s chart, money, fact families, etc. So we are going to be hitting on A LOT of skills this week, which will be a good way for me to be able to informally assess where I should start and such.

AND, I have to start my beginning of the year math testing (district assessments), so I'm going to have my kids do my School Days math centers for them to do while I'm testing...Hopefully the testing will go pretty quickly.. Here's what's in those baskets right now...

Time to Color - Time to the hour and half hour - use both, or just the hour! 

Counting Supplies - counting by 2s, 5s, and 10s

Handy Helper Fact Sorting - sorting facts that equal either 7, 8, 9, or 10

Recess Tallies - matching tally marks to numbers

Double the Supplies - a game board that lets them practice their doubles facts

Fact Families - match up the problems that belong in the same family

I'm linking up with Deedee for her visual plans linky!

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Becky said...

I like the checklist for reading centers! I might modify that for my class. Thanks for sharing :)

Lesson Plans & Lattes

Unknown said...

Hey Jen! :)
Thanks for sharing your plans! :) I see that you have 10 literacy centers listed for your learners each day. I was wondering if you use a workshop model in your classroom? I've seen lots of folks do 10 centers...and I'm having a hard time wrapping my mind around it. We do 4 rotations that are 20 minutes each. How do you manage to fit in 10? And how long do you keep the same activites? Is there a different post on this that you could direct me to? Thanks so much for letting us take a 'peek at your week'! :)

Jen R said...

Hi Tamara!
I actually posted how I organize and manage my centers the next day, after this post! :) Here's the link to check it out! Hope it helps :)

Mouse Tales from 1st Grade said...

Love your centers. I'm still FAIR testing and hoping to start centers soon. Looking forward to using your ideas. Thanks

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