Time Capsules and Journal Writing

Still no classroom pictures, sorry. But here's a few things we did do today.

We finished our Time Capsules...They drew their self portraits, and wrote about themselves.

Be forewarned,  you're going to have to show them how to draw to where their head is taking up the whole frame. I demonstrated how to draw, color, trace with a marker. Pretty much everything. BUT, it's worth it. They turn out SUPER cute!!

I measure everyone with a piece of yarn. Yes, I realize yarn is kind of stretchy, but whatever, it's an estimate anyway. lol. And at the end of the year, when we do it again, I tend to OVER estimate, to ensure a show of growth. 

Over the years, I have developed a system that works great for this. While they are finishing up their writing/drawing parts, I call them over one by one, measuring them with the yarn. I KEEP the yarn instead of giving it to them because it enevitably gets lost. How do I know whose is whose?? EASY! 

Masking tape!

Each of my kids have numbers, so I just make little tags to put on the strings as I measure them. Then, I use that string to wrap up the papers, and since the tag is on the string still, I know whose capsule is whose! 

Click HERE to get the Capsule FREEBIE! There are grades K-5 in the download!

We also added the first piece to our writing journal today.

We talked about what our favorite part of our first day was, (a freebie on the blog yesterday!)

They glued it into their writing journal so that it's the first piece! I don't always have pages for them to glue in, but in the beginning it's the easiest until they get the hang of it. Just fold it in half and then glue it in, and it'll open like a book. 

Tomorrow is the last day of my first "week." I think I could call it a success!


Alison Hislop said...

Awww, I love the pictures they drew of themselves! I measure the kids too - I use paper streamers that are not stretchy - although I do like how you tie the yarn around the work!

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Jessica said...

Thanks for the freebie! Totally awesome activity to use on the first / last day!

Jean Robinson said...

Great freebies! Those are some SUPER cute ideas!
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hmdale said...

Thank you so much for the time capsule freebie and for making it available for various grade levels. Can't wait to use it on our first day of school.

mplumes said...

Awesome idea!! Thanks!

Mrs. Wheeler said...

The time capsules look so fun!!!

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