FIRST Day back, with a freebie!

Oh gosh, oh gee how happy I'd be! (lol...that song is stuck in my head thanks to Ron Brown's "I'm in a New Grade" song - thanks for sharing about it Kelley (check out the post HERE!)

Anyway, today was my first day back WITH kids! They are such a cute group. A little chatty, but I'm sure it's from the excitement...but they seem like a fun bunch! I had a HUGE headache from having to talk all day in a projected (not yelling) voice ALL. DAY. LONG. Oh. My. My poor voicebox. lol.

Let's see....I don't have any pictures of my room...because, well, I'm a little behind on that. But I'll show them to ya. But be forewarned, it's nothing NEAR as fancy as what you've been seeing around blogland. 
BUT, I have been showing you a few things I've been doing via's my lazy way of staying in touch, sorry!

I've been really giving my cameo a workout lately - I just LOVE it! Some people buy it to do scrapbooking at home...not me. I buy it to help me with school stuff! haha! 

Here, it is making some letter tracers for a name activity we're going to (maybe) do tomorrow. I mean, it's in my plans, but how often do you really get through ALL your plans the first week!?

AND I used my cameo to make THIS! Probably one of the coolest things in my room...the "Today's date is" sign on my board is I don't have to do it every gosh for saken day! I saw this awesome idea on Stacey's post...she's a vinyling queen! Go check out what's she's done!

(I've had some questions on my alphabet - that's from my blue/green classroom pack!)

Tomorrow, we're going to start putting together our Hands-On Dictionary and Phonics notebooks! THIS may take a while since I'm having the kids do it all! ahhh! lol

Check out my post on them HERE

Today, we started labeling all of our spirals and composition books...

(No, I don't have these to share right now, sorry! These were just made for my personal use.)

We already added in our first poem, which was the "New Grade" song (first on this post!), and tomorrow we're going to add the first thing in our writing journals, this little diddy... I'm going to have them do it on this paper, and then fold it in half, and glue the back half to their journals so that it acts as the first writing piece. 

(click on the picture to grab your FREEBIE!)

I won't always do this...but since I haven't taught them how to do it the way I want them to do it, then this is the easiest way for me right now. lol

AND, I want you all to know...that I DID, in fact, get my first apple for the teacher, on the first day of school! Yay! I love apples. 

Ok, it's 9:00, almost time to hit the hay, on the first day, right?!


Kim said...

Hi Jen:
I think we have the same computer! I'm am so cameo-impressed. I can't even figure out circles. Sigh.
Sending you hug-filled back-to-school wishes...

Finding JOY in 6th Grade

Stacy said...

HOW sweet are you? Your vinyl looks amazing, friend!!! Can't wait to see everything when you get caught up... these first few weeks are purely exhausting fo' sho'!!!

Alison Hislop said...

Right! Always tired on the first day of school!

I am jealous of your cameo - I really need to look into whether they have them in Australia!

Teaching Maths with Meaning

Room 214-Ms. Wenzel's Blog said...

CONGRATS on surviving your first day! YOU ROCK! Smiles and stop by anytime!

Jan said...

I love the first day journal page- thanks! Today is our last day before the kiddos come on Monday and I still have sooo much to do!

Izza said...

Hi, I'm an spanish teacher and I love your ideas... I have two questions, what is the name of the font you used for the "today's date is..."? and what kind of programme did you use to create the abc in the same picture?


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