Phonics Update!

I've been trying to get back in school mode...honestly.

It's coming up here in a few weeks. We go back August 8th. I'm ok with it, usually, but right now, I'm having too much fun playing at the beach and pool whenever I want. BUT, I'm also really excited that I get another year in 2nd AND with one of my favorite teaching neighbors (who happens to be one of my best friends).

I have a few ideas in the works...I know I promised to do a 3rd grade version of my Spelling packs, so I need to get on that for ya!

AND, I posted a pic on my instagram and Facebook...

It's my list to do for my add-on pack to my Hands-On Dictionary and Phonics's a GRAMMAR pack! I'm actually quite excited about it! I've added some more to the list since this picture, but if you can think of any that (up to) 2nd graders need to know, then leave a comment!

So, to get myself back in the groove, I've fixed up a few packs....

My Spelling Throughout the Year packs, both the 2nd grade and 1st Grade versions. So if you've bought either one of those, then go back and redownload!

I've even added and EDITABLE page for you to type in your own words for you to better differentiate!

This pack follows a phonics continuum that progresses and builds off previous skills throughout the year! It also uses word families, which allow students to learn how to apply the skills they learn!
Students get five phonics words to study, but are tested on 10, which demonstrates if they know the phonics skills. 
Also assessed are sight words. Many students can recognize them, but have a difficult time spelling them. 

Here's what is included:
Student homework lists, where the sight words build upon each other throughout the year
Teacher homework lists, with the possible extra tested words
Student homework paper for each list (this is just a suggested homework sheet, you can use what you like!)
Student Test sheets for each list
Word Wall cards in configuration for both the spelling and sight words

Also, I FINALLY uploaded my Hands-On Phonics notebook to my Blog on the Shop

If you've made it all the way to the bottom of this post, then you win! ha! Get any of these 3 packs shown here (Spelling Throughout the Year Grade 1 and Grade 2 AND my Hands -On Dictionary and Phonics Notebook) for 25% off in my Shop on the Blog! Just enter the code LEMONWATER (my favorite drink) when you check out! This code is good for the weekend, until Sunday, the 14th.


Mrs. Giles said...

What is the pack was was already purchased via the shop blog? How are we to get the updates?

Jen R said...

If you created an account when you purchased, then you should be able to go into your purchases to redownload. Feel free to email me if you have troubles!

kdrex said...

I love your stuff. I wish there was more for third grade!

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

<3 the 1st grade edition! inspire me....I din't know how you do it all sometimes.

Kristy said...
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Kristy said...

I can't wait for your grammar unit - it's the area I think our district curriculum is SERIOUSLY lacking in! And if you create it, I know it's going to be useful AND cute!

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