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Good golly, I'm on an updating frenzy!! I've shown you that I've updated my Back to School (School Days) packs, both the Literacy and Math packs. (Click the link to check the blogpost on them!)

AND I've added an EDITABLE version of my Spelling packs!! (both the 1st grade and 2nd grade version)!

NOW, I've made a few changes to my Numbers pack...and I've added a hundreds chart that goes to 120 and a place value pocket foldable!


I use this pack every day in my class to reinforce and review skills. I even teach them skills that we haven't taught yet in the curriculum so when I get there, they already know it!
This pack has:
(NEW!) Place Value Pocket
Name for the year
Number words
Hundreds chart (1-100, or 1-120)
Weather charts for the year, with an analyze the data page for each month
Mystery number riddle templates and posters
Place value and number sense, starting with two digits, but options for three and four digit numbers
More and less with the hundreds chart
Fact family with added addition and subtraction sentences
Greater than/less than
Tally marks
A page for students to create word problems
EXTRAS to change out throughout the year

And lots of pictures and "Teacher Tips" to help you walk through it!

This has become such a routine that as soon as it is math time, my students know to get out their math folders - they love it!

I added the Place Value pocket chart to help students with the different skills in the pack!

If you've already purchased this, make sure to go back and download it again!

Also, don't forget to enter the $200 Staples Gift Card Givaway!!


24/7 Teacher said...

These are AWESOME products!

24/7 Teacher: Amy Harrod

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