Height Board Project

Another project crossed off the list!!

I'm on a roll lately.  Today I finished my girls' height board!

I got the idea from THIS pin. 

I had known that I wanted to make a height board for a while...and I had bought the ruler decal off of GroopDealz a LONG time ago, but i just didn't know exactly HOW I wanted it to look. But when I saw the blogpost in that pin, I knew that's what I wanted to do...

I bought a 6 foot board and printed up some numbers that I made. 

I laid the numbers on the board how I wanted them, and then I took a pencil and traced the numbers and shadows really hard to make a line in the board.

Then, I took my stain and I painted the numbers and shadows. 

I started with a "classic oak" color stain, but it was too light, so I turned the board over and did a "pecan" color stain and it turned out perfect! 

After I finished all the numbers, I stained the whole board with a clear coat....and then I applied the ruler. She shows you how to make a ruler in her blogpost if you can't find a decal.

I DID adjust the ruler a little bit (like she says in the post), because where I'm going to hang it, I wanted it to match the top of the door frame, so I had to adjust by 11 1/2 inches. 

I'm super excited about it!! Now, I just gotta paint their room, so I can hang it....AND their Sunshine art!!


Carrie H said...

I love, love, love this!

Susan said...

I LOVE this! It's on my to do list too!

The Math Spot said...

Love! Very cool idea painting with wood stain. I'll have to remember that for the future. Or, better yet, pinning!

Polka Dots & Teaching Tots

Melodee said...

so cute!

Mrs. Landry said...

That's precious! I'm pinning this and your inspiration pin so I can (maybe) do something like this. Thanks so much for sharing!!
Mrs. Landry's Land of Learning

Carrie said...

This is really cute! Sadly, I haven't been near as productive. I've been in the tossing junk mood. We're talking about buying a house next summer, and before I move, I need to de-clutter. It's amazing how much junk four kids can accumulate.

Learning in Room 203

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