Spelling Throughout the Year - 2nd Grade edition!

Well....I finally finished it!!

This is my 2nd grade Spelling pack....I have been doing spelling this way for YEARS!

It's a different way to do it. Instead of giving the kids 15 words to study and THOSE are the 15 words on the test, I only give them 5 phonics words (which also may use word families if it can!), and then on the test, I give them 5 MORE spelling words that they didn't study, but that follow the rule for that week....they also have 5 sight words to study, AND I pick 5 more from the list of words that has been accumulating throughout the year. This list is made up of the words that they've already studied, so it's just my way of making sure that they still remember them. So they study 10 words - do their homework with those 10 words, and we do activities in the class that practice that spelling rule and those sight words, then their spelling test is 20 words!  Yes, that's what I said...20 words! The first week is only 15 since there are no previous sight words to choose from....

This pack follows a phonics continuum that progresses and builds off previous skills throughout the year! It also uses word families, which allow students to learn how to apply the skills they learn!

Here's what is included:

Student homework lists, where the sight words build upon each other throughout the yearTeacher homework lists, with the possible extra tested wordsStudent homework papersStudent Test sheetsWord Wall cards in configuration for both the spelling and sight words

This is a zip file. When you download it there are two packs. They are the same phonics and word family words, but one pack is the Fry Sight Words and one pack is the Dolch Sight Words. 

When you go check it out, you can download the preview to get a better look at what is included and to see the phonics continuum! 

This is the 2nd Grade Edition - 1st Grade and 3rd Grade editions coming soon!

Check it out! It's on sale for the next 24 hours!



Unknown said...

Looks terrific friend!! I bet that is a huge amount of work off your shoulders! Great job!

Unknown said...

This looks amazing! It will be going on my wishlist!

The Price of Teaching

Meredith Gilbert said...

I can't wait for the 1st grade pack! We do something very similar for Spelling. This year we started including the Dolch words in addition to the phonics skill of the week. What a difference I am seeing in their writings!

Sunshine, Sand and Scissors

Amy (Everything Elementree) said...

What a great way to do spelling! Looks fantastic!

Amy @ The Littlest Superheroes

Mrs. Lynes said...

I started doing my spelling very similar to this two years ago and LOVE it! They actually LEARN how to spell :) your pack looks great!!

Lauren, lmlynes@gmail.com

Unknown said...

I ave been waiting for this ever since you wrote about it on FB! Thank you!

Sarah Cooley said...

I was looking for something like this!!!! YAY!!!!

Melodee said...

awesome! love your stuff! Will pin this...wish I could use it but going up a few grades next year :)

TraceyD11 said...

Can't wait for the third grade pack!!!

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