Donor's Choose and a SALE!

Hey my friends!!! Just a quick little note for tonight....

First, I just got an exciting email from Donor's Choose!! From now until May 10th, they're going to MATCH each and every donation made. All you have to do is enter the word TREAT when you "check out."

I have 2 projects going on right now in hopes to get ready for next year - 

One to get a Scholastic News Magazine subscription for my class
One to get supplies needed for our Morning Meeting routine.

Click the pic below to check out my projects!

Also, IN CASE you haven't heard, there is a BIG TpT sale going starting the 7th!!!  

And yes, I am a teacher, but YES, I appreciate EACH AND EVERY one of you!!! I am so flattered that ANY of you would find any of my "things" good enough to buy.  So, I'm joining in the party.

(click the sale pic to check out my store)

Don't forget to put in the TAD13 code for the extra 10% off!!!

And because I'm SUCH a VISUAL person....and I like to see everything that everyone has during a sale, let me show you some of my things.....

My Common Core Bundles

(they can be bought separately too!)

My Math packs....

And my phonics/word work packs...

Reading/Integrated Curriculum

And all my other fun stuff!!!

And my newest "baby" that I'm all excited about.....

Click the sale pics to check out my store!

Thanks again, my friends!!

Time to go fill up my cart for next year!!

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Jane said...

What a great idea to do a Donors Choose project for Scholastic News. They have been out of our budget but connect so well with Common Core teaching points. Hope your things are funded!

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