Answering Questions, a Game, and a Sale!

(not in that order)

Man, am I pooped!! lol

I love having three days to start the year off...I mean, it's so nice to have a "short week" for "get to know you" activities and then a weekend to rest! 

I want to show you MY version of a game of "4 Corners."


Not the version where you call out a corner and those people are out - like the one for indoor
(I don't do indoor recess...I'm mean like

This is the one where you ask a question and they have 4 options as choices and they go to that corresponding corner.

I love that game.

My kids love that game.

But I don't like how the kids  "cheat" and change their answers when they see where their friends are going...


Here's how I get around that....

They each get 4 different color index cards...they write the numbers 1-4 on them...they stand at their desk with their hands behind  their back while I ask the question and go over the numbers.

This one was, "Where is your favorite place to hang out?"
We did a few "get to know you" questions today with this activity.

Then I say "pick your card!" and they have to do it quickly and take that with them to the matching corner...

See the card on the wall?? it's the matching corner - ha!

Is it fool proof?? No..

But I think it works a lot better...

They store these cards in their desk pocket....

Remember these??

or these..

and we have them whenever we need them :)

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~SALE ALERT~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

My store will be 20% off and use the code for another 10% off!!!

my TN store will be on sale too!

Here are some of my favorites to start the year off:


Don't forget about my First Day freebie pack!

(if you missed my post on why I made can go back and read it



I received so many sweet comments/emails, that I went ahead and made versions for grades 1, 3, 4, and 5 along with 2nd grade...

So go back and get 'em. :)

And one more thing...

A lot of questions on my centers tubs too...

I got them at Wally-World (Wal-Mart...for those non-National Lampooners - lol...actually...if you google Wally World, Wal-Mart is the 2nd!!)


I promise to reveal the classroom this weekend!

Have a fab Friday!

CHEERS!! We survived our first week of school!

(yes, we went to a wine tasting after the first day of school! lol...should've bought a bottle...would've been nice for tonight, am I right!? ha!)


Polka Dot Firsties said...

Love your take on 4 corners. I don't know if it'll be too warm for us to go outside for recess the 1st day of school - if we can't go out, I'll be using this idea!

Amy said...

Oh, I am totally stealing your 4 corners idea! Love it!

Krazy About Kiddos

Barbara said...

Love your way around that four corners game issue - you are SO creative! Thanks for adapting your time capsule lesson; what a sweet thing to do for your friends!

Here's to the best year ever,

The Corner On Character

Lisa R. said...

I like your way better of playing 4 corners!! Fun idea!! Glad you had a great 1st week of school & definitely a perfect way to celebrate the end of it!! :)
Learning Is Something to Treasure

Unknown said...

Haha Cheers to the first week down!! Sounds like the perfect celebration to me!

❤ -Stephanie
Falling Into First

Jessica said...

Thanks for the different versions of your time capsules! Definitely will be using them in my classroom. I also really like your 4 corner version.

Apples and Papers

Elizabeth said...

Thanks for the other versions of the time capsule. (But you already know how pleased I am...) I need to find a wine tasting on my first day/week back :)

Happy weekend!

Fun in Room 4B

Kelley Cirrito said...

Congrats on your first week of school being done! We have kids on Wednesday so I will be doing the same thing next weekend!! :)

Heather said...

I love the 4 corners "get to know you" game! I think I'll be using that this year!

Unknown said...

I love your 4 corners game! I can't wait to borrow it for the first week of school.


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