End of Year Books

Anyone who knows me and has seen my classroom, knows that I have a little obsession with books. So naturally, I have a few suggestions for the End of the Year.

Honestly, if you're anything like me, make sure you have a box of tissues ready when you read any of these books!

Our Class is a Family - I don't know about you, but after a year together, you really do feel like a family. You have gone through a lot and and spent A  LOT of time together lol. I love this one for the beginning of the year and the end. 

A Letter from your Teacher - This is from the same author of Our Class is a Family, and is the "sequel" to the beginning of the year version of A Letter to from my Teacher.  

A Letter to my Teacher - This one is written as a thank-you note to a special teacher from the student who never forgot her. Ugh, the last page got me really good. 

Dear Teacher - This book is a compilations of letters written from various "kids" explaining what they are thankful for. It's for teachers, and other mentors alike. This lends itself well to having the kids write their own thank you letters. 

Last Day Blues - another "sequel" book. This one is the end of the year version to First Day Jitters, always a fan favorite! 

Thank You, Mr. Falker - oh, man. I saved this one for last because it's one of my all-time favorites for end of the year...or beginning of the year. A story about a girl who is dyslexic and struggles to read, and one of her teachers helps her to get passed it. As if that isn't enough to make you cry, it turns out that the girl in the story is actually Patricia Polacco, herself - the author. Makes me ugly cry every time I read it.  I actually don't read it anymore, because Storyline Online has a great rendition of it. So I let them read it, but I have the book out for the kids to read it, because they're always obsessed with it afterwards. 

So, there are some of my books I like to read the last week of school. Hope this list helps you!


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